7:34 PM

you break open my heart so i can bleed out the love this world so desperately needs. 

you woo me through the hurting.
i know it's true.
when i wander too far, it's the wounded parts of me that remember how desperately i need your loving.
and here you find me.
your love so wild there's never a too far to recapture me.
my affections are turning on you.

there's a constant awareness.
this restless presence.
you're always here.

in my night you shine like starlight from a million miles away.
yet what seems so far is really my reality.
you're not locked up in the heavens.
you walk earth beside me.

you know what soul inside flesh feels like.
you have lived my humanity.
you, the glorious one, felt the knife of rejection.
rejected by your chosen ones.

you have felt the hunger of the hopeless.
the thirst of the oppressed.
you loved in the depths of betrayal.
you forgave in the midst of false accusations.
you gave yourself away freely.
there was no holding back 

it is not in your nature to withhold.
you cannot love half-heartedly.

in a world consumed by self-gratification.
yours is a love that is lost in givenness.

this battle of trust in the depths of my longing.
to surrender is the climax of intimacy.
you heal my heart through the storms of suffering.
i find grace in the rest of your gentleness.

i can trust you.
i know that full well.
you are everything.
i have fullness, even if i posses nothing, if i have you.

i'm drowning in this mystery.
pressing all in as you call me.
your love so overwhelming.
i'm lost in your infinity.

you've told me from the very beginning,
as your Father arms cradled me.
i was born for Heaven beauty.
greatness inside humility.
victory inside surrender.
honor inside serving.
receiving inside the giving.

you knew what pain it would take to shape me.
you risked it all to take me
exactly where you knew i should be.

i thank you for your sovereignty.
heaven knows you know exactly what your'e doing.
now i resurrect in my awakening.

your breath my lifeline. my sanity.
wonder overtakes me.
the supernatural invades my vacancy.

here i am. all yours.
take me. 

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  1. So true if this world could follow in the example of our Lord, can you imagine what a wonderful world this would be, so much of our lives revolve around ourselves, so thankful we have a forgiving God, and all he has done to save us from ourselves

  2. a very deep and powerful message!! your writings are so very beautiful!!


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