About Like No Other

i'm ashley. and this is my journey. 

i'm a wild worshipper and jesus follower who lives every day in wonderland with the holy spirit. this is my journal, where i process through life's many seasons, scribble away about my adventures, and write about encounters with god. 

i believe that we are all children of the kingdom. creativity is our birthright. royalty is our inheritance. and as image of god bearers, we are called to live out of an overflow of our intimate relationship with the father. 

the father is always good. his nearness is a promise. his love is wild. his presence is unconditional. his spirit hovers over us as it did over the stillness of the waters. he calls us to a place of sweet intimacy, where he will forever cradle us in perfect love. 

i believe in the power of the prophetic. in the beauty of vulnerable surrender. and in the wonder of the holy spirit. 
i believe that worship calls us to experience the breathtaking moment when the realm of heaven invades the realm of earth. 
but most importantly, i believe in the truth of the scriptures. that he created all things. and even before the galaxies were spoken into existence, we were chosen. and though sin shut the gates to the garden, the father sent his son to sacrifice his unblemished life for our eternity. and all the lost who come home are forever welcomed in the family. 

my song will always be "let heaven come". 
but i treasure every moment venturing here on our beautiful earth dancing hand in hand with the father. 

// i will pour out my spirit on all people. your sons and daughters will prophesy, dream dreams, and see visions.
    i will pour out my spirit in those days. i will show wonders in the heavens
    and on the earth. //  joel 2:28-30

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