7:27 PM

deep in my soul. 
it's beginning to blossom
a song
a dance
a smile

i know it's coming. 
i know you're coming. 
to dance with me. 
to sing with me. 
to walk with me. 

i can feel it in my bones. 
just like winter awaits the spring. 
i await your presence. 
i await the dawn of your coming. 

i feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. 
wait no- that's your smile. 
i can feel the cooling freshness of the wind blowing through me. 
wait- that's your breath. 

you're in me. 
you surround me. 
you're the sun in my sky, the moon in my night. 
the waves of my seas, my very heartbeat. 

i know you're not far away. 
you're here besides me. 
simple. yet so infinitely beautiful. 
will my heart ever be able to understand. 

you are the promise that is never broken. 
you are the word that is always kept. 
you are the love that is always sincere. 
you are the heart that never forgets. 
you are the hand that gently holds me. 
you are the voice that sings me to sleep. 
you are the oxygen that gives life to my dry bones. 
you are the father that calls me to be near. 
you are the intimacy that never shames me. 
you are the truth that never rebukes. 
you are the hope that never gives up. 
you are the peace that overwhelms question. 
you are the fulfillment that overflows in longing. 

you are. 
you are my beauty. 
you are my because. 
you are my reason for living. 
you are my always.
you are the fire in my soul. 
you are the grace in my heart. 

you are my strength. 
you are my joy. 
you are friend. 
you are my love. 

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  1. Touching and lovely ,loved the description about sun's touch specially

  2. you are the hope that never gives up.
    you are the peace that overwhelms question.
    you are the fulfillment that overflows in longing.

    Beautiful. <33

  3. "You are the intimacy that never shames me" is such a beautiful line. You truly are a great writer!

  4. So beautiful!! God bless you :)

  5. So wonderfully said and I feel too that he shows his presence to us with everything and people that surround us!


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