12:47 PM

it's christmas. 
here in oregon. it's a white christmas. 

christmas was always a precious season in my life. 
over the past years christmas held much joy. and other years, much pain. 
but always.
i treasured and stored every memory away in my heart. 

it's easy to get caught up in the expectation of twinkling lights and packaged gifts. 
it's easy to get lost in the jingle bells and jolly carols. 

but somewhere. 
deep inside of us. 
the Gift swell inside our souls. 
we know. 

god  with  us

[ a Father. 
bankrupts Heaven. 
so He may win. 
my soul. ]

i look outside. 
the stillness of a frozen wonderland begins to melt away. 
i breathe it in. 
it's perfect. 
creation teaches me what it means to be still and know. 
what it means to just stop. 
and breathe in His beauty. 
every snowflake. 
handcrafted by His creativity. 
formed by His imagination. 

i can't help but smile. 
because in this joy. all fear is paralyzed. 
this Gift cripples disappointment. 
this Presence silences loneliness. 

god with us 

[ a Lover. 
brings Heaven to us. 
then breathes Heaven
in us. ]

the hot fire warms my cold hands. 
what more could i ask for. 
family. friends. delicious food. laughter and smiles. 

the more Heaven comes to earth. the more earth will look like family. 

He wanted us to smile. 
He wanted us to know that hope never fails. 
He wanted us to be completely sure that nothing could ever end His goodness. 
completely convinced that He'll always be closer than the very oxygen that fills our lungs. 
He wanted us to hold hands and sing at the top of our lungs. 
He wanted us to laugh together until we couldn't breathe. 
He wanted us to lose ourselves in wonder. 
to let our creativity run wild. 

god with us

love with us
joy with us
peace with us
hope with us 
goodness with us
grace with us
salvation with us
mercy with us

heaven with us. 

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  1. This is utterly beautiful and so original. The true magic of Christmas is alive in you...thank you sharing it with us!

  2. Merry Christmas!! The snow really made me smile. Although its pretty much I've where I am. God is with us, yes I love that message. Peace be with you!(:

  3. merry christmas and happy new year dear Ashley !


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