8:50 AM

but what about when everything is broken. 
what about when i'm a mess. 
completely undone. 
a wreck. 
completely unraveled. 

what about when nothing makes sense. 
and i don't believe a word you say. 
what about when i think you're lying to me. 
and just left me to figure it out on my own. 

what about when you feel distant. 
and your presence feels cold. 
what about when your words sound like a faraway letter. 
in the moments when i desperately need you close.

here's my brokenness. you can have it. 
if you want it. 
here's all of my nothingness. you can have it. 
if you want it.
here's my emptiness. you can have it. 
if you want it. 
here's my nothing beautiful. you can have it. 
if you want it. 
here's my heart in shattered pieces. you can have it. 
if you want it. 
here's my tearstained face. my scarred up body. you can have it. 
if you want it. 

will you still stay by me. 
even when i'm not ready to come. 
will you still sit and just be with me. 
even when i have nothing to say. 
will you keep comforting me. 
even when i don't have the strength to sit up and listen. 
will you still love me. 
even when i'm a masterpiece of utter chaos. 

your love reaches into my brokenness. 
you remind me that you're still here. 
your love reaches into my doubt. 
you convince me to trust you. 
your love reaches into my secret pain. 
you teach me to let you mend me. 
your love reaches into my questions.
you answer me. 
your love reaches into my uncertainty. 
you speak the waves & wind of my heart into perfect stillness.

how you love me. 
how you hold me. 
how you assure me. 
that i'm never alone. 
how you keep me. 
how you find me. 
how you never let go. 
how you comfort me. 
how you sing into me. 
how you mend the tears in my soul. 

now i'm completely convinced. 
that you wildly love me.
now nothing could ever make me question. 

that you want me. 

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  1. WOW. This poem had so much depth and escalation to it. So many layers to. I love the "you can have it, if you want it" part of this. This poem was fun to read but so meaningful and deep. I have the feels!

  2. Such a wonderful reassurance we have that He is always by our side, even those times that it feels he must be far away, he is there waiting for us to turn to Him!!

  3. your emotions are always well described in your poetic thoughts!!!!

  4. Delicacy and depth of your expression touched my soul so deep my friend!

  5. You have a way with words which is quite poignant.

  6. My, oh, my your words are amazing, lovely! Each blog post is like a daily devotion. I wish I had your way with words and your beautiful relationship with the Father!


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