2:11 PM

heart. why are you so lonely. 
my child. why do you weep as if no one is here. 
do you think these nail scarred hands have stopped holding you. 
do you think my striped back no longer carries you. 

look up. 
i am here. 

my baby. 
look into my eyes. 
i. love. you. 

you are not alone. 
you are not forgotten. 
you are not misunderstood by me. 

come, my child. 
and i'll show you. 
i'll show you again. 
how much i love you

i've already told you. 
but it is my joy
to tell you again. 

my heart beats for you. 
i left all of heaven. 
to have you. 
i am jealous. 
to have you. 
you are mine. 
all and everything. 
the beautiful and the ugly. 
the messy and the pretty. 
and everything else in between. 

trust me. 
i am a good father. 
i will not leave you abandoned. 
i will not leave you empty and unfulfilled. 
why would you think my love is limited. 
why do you condition my love to your imperfections. 

my love is not based on your performance. 
it does not leave when you fail. 
it does not increase when you succeed. 
my love is infinite. 
i could love no more. 
i could love no less. 
you have it all.

you have my all.

i love you 
i love you 
i love you
if i could say it any louder i would. 

i would stay here forever. 
hold you forever. 
gaze into your eyes forever. 
just so you would never forget. 
just to make sure you never feel lonely again. 
just to make sure you are completely convinced
that i love you. 

my child. 
don't cry. 
i am here. 
and i will hold you. 
i will mend your broken. 
into something more beautiful
than you could've ever imagined. 


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  1. I am so glad I found your blog, Ashley!

    This is beautiful.

    “why do you condition my love to your imperfections”

    Love this.

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

  3. Beautifully said, we were just discussing this in bible study how it hurts Him to hear us say that we don't feel he is here with us.

  4. Ah... why do i feel that all you said is in my thoughts my precious Ashly!

    Description of unconditional love made my eyes teary,who else can love us like this

  5. I wish I could write this on my heart and never forget it.


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