2:56 PM


the dead leaves of autumn shatter under the weight of my step. 


something that used to be full of life. 
full of color. 
is now trampled under me. 

what a mystery of magic. 
how leaves dance as they fall off their trees. 
how rays of golden sunshine kiss the frosted earth. 
how whistling winds make the inside of our hearts feel warm. 

what does it mean to truly let go. 
what does it mean to truly fly off the branch that once felt so safe. 
what does it mean to dance as you flutter to the floor of this stone cold earth. 

trees know spring is coming. 
they do not fear what lies ahead. 
they do not apologize for their emptiness. 
they do not hide in shame as they are left naked and bare. 

how can they be so sure. 
how can anything be so hopeful when we can't see past winter into spring.
how can confidence be so rooted in the joy that the sun will shine again. 

i know. 
i know that seasons bring clarity. 
i know that as leaves fall off the trees 
and as petals begin to droop
i'm seeing into something that was once too thick to understand. 

it may seem frightening. 
losing control may seem as a taunt from hell. 
but what if this nothingness 
is my greatest blessing. 
that the weight of everything
is no longer mine to bear.

// so i'll dance like the leaves that flutter around me. 
i'll twirl under the light of the golden sun. 
i'll laugh because he's dancing beside me. 
i'll sing because i refuse any reason to cry. 
i'll fall deeper into this beautifully set story. 
the one that only he gets to write.

and i'll press closer into the heart that adores me. 
the one that smiles and pursues with a love so wild. //

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  1. they are dying and yet they are so beautiful!!

  2. “...trees know spring is coming.
    they do not fear what lies ahead.
    they do not apologize for their emptiness.”

    I can so relate to this right now...thank you.

  3. the glory of god shines like the crisp sunshine breaking through the tapestry of dying leaves!

    - delyla

  4. Your words are beautiful and eloquent -- and oh, how they capture my feelings about autumn.

  5. So much thought and depth put into this poem. love it!


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