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6:57 PM

the wind blows my hair over my face.
i try to keep my ground.
but the rushes are too strong.

i look down at my hands.
shackles bind them.
chains pin my feet to the ground.

cant let go.
cant let go.
cant let go.

i feel my knees weaken.
my back is growing tired.

how much longer.
i musnt let go.

i have to hold my ground,
i have to prove how strong i am.
how i have everything in control.
how i can handle it all by myself, see?

how somehow i'll make it out alive.
though im imprisoned in this storm i created.

the wind is getting stronger.
everything else around me has fallen.
i remain alone to fight the winds.

i break.

i feel myself falling.
as if i've jumped off the highest cliff.
the chains tear off my body.

i free fall.

and just before my face hits the ground.
i'm caught.

i feel calm embrace me.
a warm presence floods the atmosphere.

child you whisper.
why did you fight. 
why did you resist the storm. 
didn't you see it was the only thing that would break the chains. 
only the wind could release you from your shackles. 

i look up.


i am staring straight into the eyes of peace.


my old chains hit the ground below me.

breathe you whisper.
you're safe now. 

how was i so blind.
how could i have missed it.
how did i not understand.

that the storm i thought was there to kill me.
was sent to break me free.
the winds that seemed to shatter my bones.
were freeing my limbs from their restraints.


how do you turn chaos into a canvas of beauty.
how do you take my disaster and transform it into a wonderland.

i don't understand this kind of selfless power.
it's overwhelming.
how you pursue me.
amidst my wild mess.

you look at my ashes and create beauty.
you unwire my brokenness thread by thread.
and create a masterpiece of color.

the mystery of it all.
that the hurricane of mass destruction.
somehow set me free.

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  1. This....this is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. This is a powerful poem. I especially love the wording of this line: "how do you turn chaos into a canvas of beauty."

    Serena | poetree

  3. we never know how strong we are...until being strong is the only choice we have!!!

  4. you are a work of art


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