beautiful child

6:06 PM

beautiful child. 
look into my eyes. 

what do you see

stare at the reflection 
in the eyes of the one who made you 
from the dirt. 
from the dust. 

from nothing 
i am made something 
i adore. 

when you come so close. 
so close to me 
that you can feel my breath on your skin
you begin to see yourself in my eyes. 
and i begin to see mine in yours. 

remember, dear child. 
remember who you are. 
remember who i made you to be. 
do not run from the life you were empowered to live. 
do not hide from the adventure that lies before you. 

beautiful child. 
put your hand on my heart. 

what do you feel

every heartbeat is for you. 
every heartbeat is a song that sings my love for you. 

you are good
you are good 
you are good

why do you not seek the praise that comes from the father. 
why do you hide your heart from the songs i sing to you. 
as if you are not worthy. 
as if you are not beautiful. 

as if you are not mine. 

i created galaxies and oceans. 
mountains and meadows. 
fire and wind. 

but nothing. was. as. wonderful. as. you. 

you were my masterpiece. 
you were my most treasured creation. 
my most precious work of art. 

i made you in the image of my own self. 

i put my love in you 
my creativity in you
my song in you
my joy in you
my hope in you
my beauty in you
my passion in you

beautiful child. 
listen to my voice. 

what do you hear 

i love you
i love you 
i love you

i could never say it enough 
because an eternity could not contain my love for you. 

i love you 
i love you 
i love you

i love the songs you sing me
i love how you dance in my presence
i love the wild passion in your soul 
i love your smile
i love being close to your heart. 

beautiful child. 

you are mine. 
always and forever. 

i am father. 
you are child. 
i am lover. 
you are beloved. 
i am king. 
you are heir. 
i am giver. 
you are chosen. 

beautiful child. 
i love you. 

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  1. I am loving how positive your poems are. Thanks darling!

  2. Beautiful, Ashley. This reminds me of the Sounds of Music when Mother Superior talks with Maria and tells them that she can't hide from her fears, she has to face them and live the life she was born to live..."Climb every mountain...follow every rainbow till you find your dream."

  3. I am really amazed with the maturity and depth of your beautiful mind dear Ashley!!!!

    You are unique and enlightened I feel this

  4. This is so beautifully written, Ashley! Thank you!

  5. this is so pretty ashley, encouraging!!!

  6. Beautifully written. Such poignant words. Thank you!


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