12:59 AM

there is a place in my heart.
just for you
how could you think anyone else could fill it.
how could you think anyone else could take your place.

no one else's hand feels just the same in mine as yours.
no other song sounds just as beautiful as yours.

i am your first love.
i am your true lover.

i never wanted to let you go.
as i cradled you in my arms in heaven.
but i knew
that the world needed you. so i sent you as a gift.
knowing that you would always find your way back to me.

before you ever opened your eyes to breathe in this beautiful earth
i breathed beauty into your lungs.
before your heart ever pitter pattered its first heartbeat under earth's gravity
i patterned your heartbeat after mine.

i love you.
oh, my baby. how i love you.
how i wish you were still here in heaven with me.

but i'm with you.
i never left.
not for a moment did i remove my gaze.

there is a love
so overwhelming
that you do not understand it.

there is a love
so relentless
that you could not discourage its pursuit.

there is a love
so reckless
that would leave no mountain unclimbed.
no wall untorn.
no ocean uncrossed.
no lie untold.
no wound unhealed.
no hiding place unsearched.
to claim you. to find you. to hold you close and whisper i love you. 

because my baby.
oh my sweet daughter. you do not understand the power of my
i love you.

you search and search and search
to find a love where your heart could rest.
you seek and seek and seek.
to find rest to your restlessness.
fulfillment to your emptiness.

you long for arms to hold you.
you long for a promise that will not be broken.
you long for a smile that will never fade.
you long for eyes that will never stop gazing.
for a heart that will never run out of adoration.
for a soul that will empty itself for you.

for hands that are strong enough to hold you. yet gentle enough to wipe away your tears.
for a whisper to encourage you. words to lead you. and wisdom to guide you.
for the i love you that seeks not its own interest. that does not lie for its own gain.

my child.
where do you seek.
where will you go.
havent you learned. only my heart is your home. 

i. am. your. first.
i am your only
i am the love that runs through your veins.

because you were made to be loved
by the wholehearted lover.
you were made to be intimate
with the closest, deepest love.
you were made to be home
in the arms of the father.

you were made to share every breath with me.
you were made to dance hand in hand with me.
you were made to worship. you were made to worship.
you were made to sit for hours under the twinkling stars
to communion with me.
to laugh at the joys and cry through the sorrows.
to process through the undone
with the one who knows your raw.

i am
i am your lover
i am your i love you

because i chose you.
and your name is tattooed on my heart. never to removed.
come to me
for i long to be close to you.

i am the closest intimate.
no other lover could give you this.

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  1. I think this is the most beautiful post to date. Rapturing!

  2. "i patterned your heartbeat after mine."


  3. oh dear you made me cry.
    but glad you shared your most lovable thoughts and glad i found you .thank you so much!

  4. Wow! I think this may be your best one yet! God truly is great, and made us all beautiful

  5. It is so true that all our life we are in pursuit of those that will love us unconditionally and all along we have that every day with our Lord!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Lovely to the core. Your words are beauty and truth and grace.


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