12:13 AM

i am everything. 
apart from me there is nothing. 
apart from me there is no goodness. 
apart from me there is no love. 

apart from me there is no purpose. 
apart from me there is no beauty. 

i am the source of all love. 
i am a lover. 
i give love. i breathe love. 
i am love. 

i have made you in my likeness. 
you too are a lover. 
your soul has tasted of my sweetness. 
in its deepest, it seeks to find its way back to me. 

there is no rest apart from my arms. 
there is no comfort apart from my embrace. 

what do you seek. 
show me. 
one thing above me. 
prove to me. 
a lesser is worthy of your love. 

tell me. and i will snuff the flames of my zeal. 
take me to one greater than i. and i will relent. 

no my child. 
my beloved. 
there is no greater. 
there is no sweeter. 
there is none. more worthy. 

i did not create an equal. 
nothing apart from me deserves your gaze. 
your attention. 
your adoration. 
your love. 
your fire burns for me alone. 
your passions are for me alone. 

what oxygen do you breathe? 
is it not i that fuels your existence. 
what dust do your feet trample? 
is it not i that holds the earth in place. 

if i were to leave. 
for just one moment. 
if i were to relent. 
there would be no more existence. 
there would be no more beautiful earth. 

for i am everything
i am in everything
i am everywhere

you cannot hide. 
you cannot run. 
you cannot ignore. 
you cannot. 
you cannot. 

i am. 
i have been.
i will be. 


do not forget. 
do not lose sight. 
do not shift your gaze. 
lock eyes with me. and fall in love with me. 
more and more
each day. 

what consumes you, dear child. 
what lesser has found a way to your heart. 
you are what you love. 
and what you love defines your existence. 

there is no greater force. 
no greater energy. 
than love. 

love me. 
l o v e   m e 

only i am worthy 
explode with praise for me.
lose it. wild. consumed with passion. 
for my heart. for my gaze. with my love. 

that's why you are here. 
love me. love others. 
go out into all the world. 
and proclaim my praise. proclaim my kingdom. 
witness. prophesy. worship. 
sing it. 
speak it. 
live it. 
breathe it. 

kingdom. presence. spirit. 

for i alone am the keeper of your soul. 
i alone hold the key to your heart. 

i alone am your everything. 

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  1. So powerful and poignant. I don't know how you write such beauty and truth! Truly an precious gift from the Lord.

  2. "only i am worthy
    explode with praise for me."

    What a conviction! I absolutely needed this today. We are the breathing, living images of God...what an incredible gift and what an incredible responsibility. Thank you for the amazing reminder of what really matters.

  3. Like always, a heavenly perspective and beautifully poetic interpretation of life. <333

  4. 'For I alone am the keeper of your soul' - <3

  5. very well written ashley - beautiful!!!!

  6. THIS IS SO POWERFUL. This is truly one of the best poems I've read. Although I am not a Christian, I can appreciate this so much. Ah, I love it!

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

  7. Here is another one that would be great for our ladies group, our chapter is saying how God is all we need but we insist on trying to do life things by ourselves and if it doesn't seem to be working out then we turn to God instead of involving him in our whole life, you are blessed with saying it all in the best way!

  8. Love your writing style! Like prose and poetry and lyrics fusing into its own kind of music. Wow.


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