9:45 PM

because you havent known true love yet. 
you keep running. 
pushing me away. 
as if my arms arent enough. 

what have i not given you. 
what good have i withheld from you. 
where did i draw the line. 
i stop at nothing to love you. 
i stop at nothing to find you. 

maybe it scares you. 
maybe that's why you run away. 

because you're not used to it. 
you're not used to being loved. 
your heart only knows what its like. to be broken. 

because the closer i pull you in. 
the more you push away. 
no child. 
stay child. 

because the deeper i gaze.
the more you look away. 
no child. 
stay child. 

the tighter my arms wrap around you. 
the more you fidget. the more you fight me. 
no child. 
stay child. 

you havent felt my love yet. 
you havent even tasted the beauty of my love. 
this is not even the beginning. 
this is not even the start. 

stay child. 
let go child. 

stretch out your arms. 
feel the raw. feel the vulnerable. 
dont hide. 
pretending i dont see you. 


i memorized you. 
from the inside out. 

you hide your face.
you turn a shoulder. 
because you're scared i'll see. 
you're scared i'll find out. 
you're scared i'll know.

and leave 

but i will never leave. 
i will never run off. 
i will never break a single promise. 

no child. 
i'll stay child. 

i see you. 
let it sink in. 
let it sting you. just a little bit. 
that i know you. 
raw naked and real. 
imperfect flawed and vulnerable. 

yes i know. 
its uncomfortable. 
its strange to feel loved. 
to allow yourself 
to be loved. 

that breath you feel on your shoulder. 
it doesnt judge you. it loves you. 
those eyes that never take their gaze off you. 
they never condemn you. they adore you. 
that voice that never leaves you. 
it does not scold you. it comforts you. 
those arms you feel around you. 
they never hurt you. they cradle you. 
that hand you feel entangle itself in yours. finger by finger. 
it does not misguide you. it gives you a gentle squeeze. reminding you you're never alone. 

what love have you tasted. so bitter. 
that it would frighten you from coming to me. 

come to me. 
my child. 
my beloved. 
my lover. 
come to me

let the hot tears stain your face
as you hear my whisper over and over again
i love you

there will be no more broken promises. 
thee will be no more shattered hearts. 
there will be no more lies. 
there will be no more scars. 
there will be no more threats. 
there will be no more shame. 
there will be no more regrets. 
no more fear. 
no more desperation. 
no more helplessness. 
no more pain that bleeds your heart out. one little paper cut at a time. 

there will be only love here. 
only mending. only healing. 
only hugs to hold you. 
only kisses to shower you. 
only promises to carry you. 
only hope to fill you. 
only arms to rest in. 
only hands to hold when you're lost and afraid. 
only whispers of love songs. 
only dances in the rain. 
only walks to process through. 
only late night chats under a blanket of stars. 
only beauty in the hidden. 
only adoration in the fullest. 
only joy drops from heaven.
and love lights. just so i can see your beautiful smile once again. 
only words that will never stop singing. how much i love you. 

how much i love you. 

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  1. God is so close to me when I read your words. They are like manna from heaven.

  2. I just...I don't know if I can explain how this post made me feel. It was so beautiful, and strong enough to puncture my heart in a way that only made me want more. And it was also so, so true. His love for us is immense and unshakable. Thank you for your lovely words.

    -T. x

  3. beautiful thoughts!! love comes easy for me!!!

  4. This is so beautiful, you're so talented :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  5. Beautiful again :) This makes me think of the song "Thank You" by Jesus Army!

  6. This is so beautiful, I love the emotion :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  7. innocence is loved by God ,no matter how old we grow we keep this treasure safe .
    if we succeed to keep it safe inside us ,it's glow reflects through our face ,our eyes ,eyes which are the windows of our soul

  8. "you're scared i'll know.

    and leave"



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