9:17 PM

it crashes. 
you watch. 

still in the distant. 
wild at the shore where you stand. 

i see you. 
you search for my gaze. 
i lock eyes with you. from the other side.

come to me. 

cross the waters. 
get lost in waves. 
don't stop until you're in over your head. 

why are you afraid. 
why are you afraid to drown. 
why are you afraid to forget to breathe. 
why are you afraid. 
as if i won't be there. 

i'm watching. 
i'll never lose sight of you, my love. 

i watched. 
i watched as your heart tore in two as if it were made of paper. 
but love gets in easier through the heart that is shattered. 
your brokenness. 
is the window for hope. 

stone cannot feel. 
perfection has no emotions. 
a sculpture has no heartbeat. 

now you stand. 
at the edge of an ocean. 
holding your one broken heart. 

your tear stained face. 
your red, swollen eyes. 
your scarred hands. 
your bleeding veins. 

you cannot step. 
you cannot leave behind your insanity. 
the chaos you call home. 

what if you shatter before you reach me. 
what if the waters claim you 
before you make it to my arms. 

but you do not see. 
that these waters. 
will not hurt you. 

you do not understand. 
that my voice speaks the waves to stillness. 

here is my heartbeat. 
may it be your compass. 
follow my gaze until you come face to face with the eyes that have been watching you. 

and when you get there. 
you'll see. 
that it was not you who walked on waters of torment. 
but an ocean of love that carried you to me. 

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  1. HERE IS MY HEARTBEAT MAY IT BE YOUR COMPASS. OH MY WORDDDD. I love that line!! AMAZING. This was a great read my friend!

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely words.

  3. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! <3


  4. i grew up in a sea shore town, i still live here today. same town, different house. this is really beautiful ashley, it spoke to me in so many ways. you have a gift my friend, have you made any effort to have any of these published??

    this...as deep as the ocean, i hope you find a place to publish it so that others may enjoy it!!

    i was happy to see your name this morning!!

  5. Wow you have such an amazing way with words, Love the line...my voice speaks the waves to stillness, God has a way of calming our storms.
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!

  6. Captivating and magical!!!
    you are really genuine and blessed in you expressions young lady !

  7. Thoughts like poetry!

  8. This reminds me of the retreat I go on every year and it feels like God is speaking to me again. His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, like honey sweet to the soul! You have that same power and grace in your prose. What a gift!


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