10:57 PM

// if i'm orbiting, the sun you put inside me.
will i start falling, if your stars dim out inside me. //

our hearts are all stars and planets
that orbit a single thing. 
the axis of our hearts
determine where we'll journey to. 

life spins by endlessly.
yet somehow it seems as if we're not moving.
we blink and it's all over.
yet we could never understand where all time vanished to.

what holds us in place.
what keeps us sane when an eternity of empty space offers nothing but darkness.
what lights up our skies.
what beauty provides existence.
what invisible force or energy breathes into your every heartbeat.

i look at the stars that surround me.
and try to find the strings that hang them up so beautifully.
i search and search.
but find none.

i look at the blazing sun that warms my skin.
and try to find the match that ignited such a wildfire.
i search and search.
but found nothing.

i look at the moon that lights every nightfall with streaks of silver paint.
and try to find the source of a light that shines so brightly in the coldness of stone.
i search and search.
but find nothing.

the mystery of beauty.
the complexity of simplicity.
the riddle of life.

how can a world.
how can a universe.
hold itself.

how can a galaxy.
float in darkness.

how can an earth.
cradle life.

with two bare eyes.
i set on a journey.
to uncover the enigma of this universe i call home.

but i looked too closely.
my weary eyes did not see.
my restless heart did not understand.

that the closer you look. the less you see.
an endless universe cannot be sourced in an answer my simple mind could comprehend.
such an answer. could not be grand enough.

so the wind blew me far away.
until i saw all of creation. held in one hand.
at that moment, the grandest of planets that stars worshiped seemed like a grain of sand.
at that moment, the sun seemed but a raindrop.
at that moment, my beautiful earth was but a breath.

and all of creation.
in perfect harmony
one heart.

love kept stars hung like picture frames.
passion kept the sun alive.
mercy found light in the dead heart of stone.

a kingdom of angels
held my galaxy
on their shoulders.

a kiss of life.
breathed oxygen into my beautiful earth.

what a gift.
a kingdom that needed nothing.
created a world.

so unworthy hearts.
could learn to smile.
so unworthy eyes.
could see winter turn into spring.
so unworthy feet.
could dance in dandelion fields.
so unworthy hands.
could touch the freshness of cool water.
so unworthy lungs.
could breathe in the wonder of oxygen.
so unworthy mouths.
could sing.


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  1. Wow this is beautiful poetry and beautiful imagery. Lovely!

  2. Your PRECIOUS GRAVE THOUGHTS ARE STARS dear!!! When I enter in the bright galaxy of your words I feel surrounded by these twinkling stars that enchant me with their shine and charm
    My eyes get tears because all that i think I found revealed by you so brilliantly so effortlessly.
    I feel captivated by your beautiful sanity

  3. another beauty.!! what inspires you to write such lovely words, where no images are necessary!!??

    1. Ms Debbie, your kind words made me smile! I believe that they're Spirit inspired...all the words are gifts. <3

  4. Oh wow, so much to think about, we are not worthy of anything we have been blessed with, but so thankful God gives us the world to enjoy and hopefully we will be appreciative of all that he gives to us daily :)

  5. Is this a song, Ashley? It's beautiful! You have a real talent.

    1. Sweet Bethany, thank you! The beginning phrase alone is part of a song I wrote but the rest are just thoughts that came to my heart!

  6. Wow this is beautiful! <3<3<3
    Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I just clicked follow, and I know I will never regret it! You have a lovely place here! Can't wait to read more! <3

  7. This is quite beautiful <3

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)

  8. Hi Ashley!

    What a gorgeous post. Sometimes it's so mentally taxing to try and figure out the why, the how, to investigate so closely only to find that beauty is not in the figuring out but the standing back and just *being*, just *seeing*, just *loving*. Thank you for the kind words on my blog and I'm so glad I found you!
    Don't stop doing what you do-- writing, loving, and honoring Him with your beautiful words.
    Much love and God bless!


  9. Oh very great post!


  10. you are so blessed by god! his voice permeates through your words and touches so many hearts...what a gift he's given you. don't doubt his love for you!

  11. This is so amazing and inspiring

  12. This is so beautiful, and so perfect for this week, in which Jesus endured the pain of the cross, and rose in victory for us!

  13. Such beautiful words, you're really very talented! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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