beautiful earth

11:18 PM

its so strong. 
this earth. 
our beautiful earth. 
filled with so much power. 

wonder that leaves us breathless. 
beauty in the courage of stars. 
pain that leaves us shattered and broken. 
until there are no more tears left to cry. 

what a universe. 
what a world. 
what a life. 

what a journey we were called to tread. 
until we would finally return home. 
what a canvas left to be filled. 
with color and beauty. 

perfect doesnt belong here. 
safe isnt part of our adventures. 
normal cannot be defined. 
failures are inevitable.
fair cannot be reasoned. 

i feel so small. 
when i stand
under endless galaxies of stars.  

the wind blows right through me. 
i couldnt stop a wave. no matter how hard i tried. 
i couldnt catch a shooting star in my hands. 

an earth that seemed so grand and big. 
suddenly seems so insignificant.
to the endless. 
to the matchless. 

to the perfect. 

i wish i had the answers to all my questions. 
i wish i could reason my heart into understanding pain. 
i wish i could blink and start all over. 
i wish i could always remember that my beating heart isn't everything. 
that earth is a small part of life. 
a microscopic part of my existence.

i wish my heart could understand that one day it will have to part. 
with its beautiful earth. 
that from the beauty of heaven
its eyes will watch this universe burn. 

but every day is a gift. 
a rare grace. 
a unique beauty. 

no day here
should be taken lightly.
no day on earth
should be taken as deserved.

each heartbeat
is mercy. 
each breath
is selfless love. 
each sunrise. 
is a new creation. painted for our eyes to see. 
each star. 
is a miracle. 

// you taught me the courage of stars before you left. how light carries on endlessly, even after death. with shortness of breath, you explained the infinite. how rare and beautiful it is to even exist //
saturn by sleeping at last

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  1. Reading words that turn into something amazing like this fills my heart with joy!

  2. Beautiful words, Ashley!!!


  3. ah.................................your wise made me speechless my dear !

    i believe that universe is a QUESTION PAPER and to SOLVE this Creator blessed us with BRAIN who will be able to do so gradually by enhancing its power .

  4. Oh my, I had so many emotions flood over me while reading this, it is hard some days when things are not going quite as we would like to realize how precious every moment is on earth and how majestic this world God has blessed us with really is.

  5. beautiful ashley, thought provoking - i always wonder where your words come from!!


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