little scribbles

11:37 PM

dear sweet hearts. 
hope you're all doing well. 

time is just flying by. 
i mean. 
we're twenty days into this new year. 

oregon was transported into winter wonderland for a couple weeks. 
so every morning i would wake up to find myself
snowed in. again.
many days i would just hide away in my music room.
just me. my piano. and the holy spirit. 

it was wonderful. 
there's just something about snow that is so inspiring. 
i dont know if it's just me. 
but i see snow and my joy reaches heaven's skies. 

there was one morning when i woke up and looked out my window. 
and good grief. 
my heart melted. 
it was so beautiful. so i just have to share a photo. 

isn't that perfect? 
while i was literally gawking out the window i was telling jesus how BEAUTIFUL this picture he painted was. 
and he told me
this is my gift to you. 

half of me was just about ready to start crying 
the other half of me (that mentally reread through the list of everything that was cancelled because of the snow again) was partially confused

worship services

i mean. the work was piling up. 
but jesus said. 
this is my gift to you. 

and sure enough. a gift it was. 
the precious moments spent in spontaneous worship sessions
the intimacy shared with the spirit in stillness
the closeness to family 
the joyful walks through the snow 

i'm so grateful 

now that life is normal again
by normal i mean that i'm back to completing the usual to-do list. 
jesus is so beautiful that way. 
just when i think that everything is finding its routine and "place" 
he's like okaaaaaaaaaaaaay. time for something new. 

and just like that. 
another adventure starts. 
just me and him. 

i was listening to a message the other day about living a kingdom lifestyle. 
what it means to be kingdom. 
to carry presence wherever you go. 
to be aware of the spirit in you. around you. 
to turn all your adoration towards him. 
in every moment. 
because worship is a lifestyle. 
kingdom is a lifestyle. 
acknowledging christ's dominion in everything. 
understanding what we have been commissioned to. 

and you know. 
sometimes it can be discouraging. 
at least for me, i read our calling in the scriptures 
and im like
i cant do this. 

but thats the beauty. thats how we learn to trust. 

when our limits propose weakness. 
his spirit empowers. 
when our finite hearts find their limits. 
his grace allows for the supernatural. 

and sometimes we feel it. 
sometimes the spirit is burning. and we're strong. and ready to spread his love. 
other times we have to sing it over ourselves until we believe it. 
prophesy it over ourselves because we know it's true. 

and i know. until kingdom come. 
my carnal can't. and won't. it's too weak. too limited. 
but with him everything is possible. 

he has called us to a life impossible for earth.
but fully possible for all who dwell in him. 

// as you go, proclaim this message: the kingdom of heaven has come near. heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. freely you have received; freely give. // matthew 10: 7 + 8

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  1. Love the update! I'm glad to know you've been enjoying the wonders of life into he new year. You always inspire me to reach further into my relationship with Christ and my perspective on life. God bless you in all you do, dear!

  2. Your picture of the freshly fallen snow is lovely, I often see a sunrise or sunset and it just moves me of the beauty that God blesses us with and I feel so close to him, and know it is a great way for God to let us know he is blessing us with a new day or ending a wonderful day!
    When things seem out of control it always is so good to know that he is in control.
    You mentioned on my blog that you like the rainy days, that is a good thing I imagine where you live, I tend to start getting into a depressed state and have a hard time getting things done I need to, when it is nice and sunny out I have the energy to get things done.

  3. I love this update!
    The picture of the falling snow is beautiful :-)

  4. it is a gift - a message, to be sure to look and appreciate all the beauty that is around us. there is something about snow that brings joy to the heart - it's pureness perhaps. or maybe the way it covers everything, in just the right way. i adore snow - i'm glad you got a snapshot to remember it with!!

  5. The snow looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing about your life these days.

  6. WE LIVE IN THE SAME STATE! Haha I was coming over to your blog to say thank you for the sweet comments and I found out we both live in Oregon! how cool! Everything being cancelled was crazy talk! I was supersized how many days I didn't have to go to school. Kind of glad to be able to see the ground now but I wouldn't mind more snow


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