11:59 PM

i am here. 
i have come. 

feel the breeze. 
feel the wind blow harder. 
my spirit arrives. 

feel the coolness on you skin. 
my spirit comes to refresh you. 
to breathe in you a new song. 

you are no longer one. 
but now there are two. 
and wherever you go. 
i'll go with you. 
wherever your journey leads you. 
my spirit will rest above you. 

just as my spirit hovered of the waters in the beginning
it will hover over you. 
every night when you sleep
i will be ever watching. 
i will be singing lullabies over you till you wake. 

and when you rise. 
we will dance together. 
i'll take your hand and lead you to places you've never been. 
and we'll twirl. 
and laugh. 
and i'll hold you tight. never letting you go. 

because i am father. i am daddy. 
i am friend.
i am the laughter in your soul. and the joy in your eyes. 
i am the song that you sing. 
i am your fire and passion. 
i am the whisper you hear. 
i am the embrace you feel. 
i am in the rhythm of your heartbeat. and the uniqueness of your fingerprint. 
i am in the comfort of candlelight. in the thrill of adventure. 
i am constant in hardship. faithful in every season. 
i am in the rawness of intimacy. 
i am beauty. 

and i am here. 

breathe me in. 
like you've never breathed before. 
chase my heart. 
with all your passion. 
with all your love. 
with all your adoration. 

and you'll find me. 
because i'll never hide from you.
i'll always be 
right here. 


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  1. poetic, lyrical, beautiful.

  2. this is beautifully written and has such a nice flow to it!!

  3. Wow, I love your writing style! Your reflections are so beautiful.

  4. I love everything about you! You're such a sweet, caring soul and your writing always warms my heart.


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