10:09 PM

// the more i seek you
the more i find you
the more i find you
the more i love you //

those are lyrics to a song that is most near and dear to my heart. 
in a world where everything. 
and i mean 
like everything 
is fighting and pushing and shoving for our my attention.
when the world bends over backwards and plays show and tell
just to convince me that its worth it. 

worth my heart.
worth my emotions. 
worth my ambitions.
worth my love. 

its hard to be still.
its hard to direct all my affection towards the father. 
its hard to learn to be obedient to the voice. 

im on that journey. 
i hear his voice. 
i feel his convictions. 
its one thing to hear. 
its another thing to get up and take ACTION. 

ive learned. 
ive learned that the promptings of the lord dont always make sense. 
the spirit will tell me to do something.
and i'll just sit there like 


because he's different. 
you can't expect jesus to be like everybody else. 
you can't expect KINGDOM to be like the world. 
because it's not. 
it's just not the same. 
the overlapping of heaven and earth has not fully taken place.

the lord gave me a word a little while ago. 
he just whispered 

immediate action

because he knows. 
oh he knows i like to think and think and think. 
try to (eventually) convince myself that it all makes sense. 

when it doesnt
jesus isnt supposed to make sense
we arent supposed to walk by sight. 
but by faith. 

and thats what he told me. 
he said. 

when i tell you to go. i want you to get up and go. 
when i tell you to stop. i want you to halt in your tracks. and listen. 
when i tell you speak or prophesy. i want you to open your mouth and trust that my spirit will give you the words to say. 
when i tell you listen. be still. hush. 
when i tell you to dance. drop your sorrows. let go. and know that i am here to overwhelm the thing that overwhelms your heart. 
when i tell you to sing. worship me. praise me. create. sing yourself out of any situation you may be in. 

and im learning. 
you cant always listen with your mind. 
you have to listen with you heart. 
with your soul. 
with your spirit. 

and oh he'll stretch you. 
he'll take you places you never dreamed of going. 
he'll shatter the borders of your comfort zone. 
with his hand in yours
you'll walk on waters.

but be careful. 
or you'll miss it. 
one distraction. 
and his finger tapping your shoulder will go unnoticed. 

because the question is never 
is he speaking or not.
he's always speaking. 
are you listening? 

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  1. This is beautiful. I definitely try to listen, but it's difficult sometimes because life gets busy! Haha

  2. "because the question is never
    is he speaking or not.
    he's always speaking.
    are you listening?"

    i love this! so profound and so true.

  3. so pretty, i always try to be a good listener!!!

  4. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Your posts are powerful and beautiful. Thank you for empowering me today!

    - Tina

  5. Wonderfully said, it is so hard to hear him at times and I think it is because there is too much noise of the world around me, and it seems at times like this we really need to hear his voice!


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