11:44 PM

dont look.                feel. 
dont look.                hear. 
dont look.                trust. 

it's not always a powerful shaking. 
it's not always a blowing wind. 
it's not always a prophetic vision. 
it's not always a sign you see. 

sometimes it's a still small voice. 
sometimes it's a song. 
sometimes it's the color and light you see as you close your eyes. 

stop trying so hard. 
stop trying so hard to find me. 

you're so busying looking. 
you don't see. 
you're so busy searching. 
you don't find. 

you're checking all the cracks and corners. 
all the closets and hiding places. 

as if i'm hiding from you. 

but i'm right here. 
i'm right in front of you. 

and you miss me. 
because you look too far. 

i dont hide. 
i dont play games to confuse you. 
i dont entangle myself in riddles. 

you find me in the simplest i. love. you. 

so i'll blindfold you. 
i'll wrap my hands around your eyes so you can't see. 
let my heart guide yours.
let my spirit teach you how to trust. 

because i've shown you. 
i've shown you how wild my love is for you. 
i'm a proud proud father. 

so be wild. 
be wild for me. 
stop caring. 
stop caring about who's watching. 
about who's listening. 
stop caring about what the world thinks. 
about who's judging you. 
who will mock you. who will accept you. 
who will laugh at you. or who will think you're crazy. 

i'm all that matters. 
and i'm right here. 

so here's my hand. will you dance with me? 
i'm singing a song. will you join me? 
i'm calling you to walk on these waters. will you trust me? 
i'm stretching you. will you accept the challenge? 

i'm blindfolding your eyes and putting my hand in yours. 
will you trust me? 

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  1. Your writing is so beautiful and so unique! I could see your blog posts as a poetic anthology of devotions. Never stop writing and sharing what God reveals to you. You never know how many hearts you touch and lives you change {including yours}.

  2. Please never stop writing

  3. you are my inspiration !!! i want to be like you as a person and as a christian one day (:

  4. I love rereading your posts. They are beautiful!


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