9:20 PM

i was sitting at my piano
as i often do 
resting my soul in the spirit 
and refreshing my heart in the intimacy of worship

and the lord gave me a prophetic vision
in my mind i saw his words come to life 
in my heart i could hear his voice whispering the words my mouth was singing
and in moments like that 
my soul just laughs
i saw him take my mountain of endless distractions and throw it into the sea

he was pouring his heart to me
and my heart was dancing in the promises being prophesied over my life 

hes such a good father. 
such a faithful friend. 

so i'll just scribble away on another page of this little journal of mine..and share the words he whispered to me..


i love you galaxies 

when i made this world in the beginning
i made a galaxy for you
i named it after you


i waited i waited i waited
ages and ages and ages
you came, when came
i gave everything to you
everything to you
i gave you everything
ill still give you everything 

cause in the beginning
when i was forming
i looked at your heart and said
she will be for me

and ill stand beside her
and i will guide her
through everything 

and if im for her
who can stand against her
who can stand against her

and im still in heaven
watching your galaxy twinkle
im still in heaven
waiting for you

kingdom come
youll be the first one
hug daddy
to hug the father

youll walk into heaven singing 

one galaxy 
is not enough for me
to show you how deep
my love is

please never forget
that i love you
please never forget
how much i love you

when you feel like youre alone
look to heaven and search for your galaxy 
ill send you love lights
to remind your soul that
im still here

/ look for your galaxy 
the one i named 
after you, my baby /

// i will pour out my spirit on all people. your sons and daughters will prophesy, dream dreams, and see visions. i will pour out my spirit in those days. i will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth // joel 2 : 28 - 30

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  1. this warmed my heart!
    "i loved you galaxies"

  2. this love letter touched my soul! i needed this so much. thank you for this beautiful spirit-filled message!

  3. Great posts, I love this part especially,
    when you feel like you're alone
    look to heaven and search for your galaxy
    ill send you love lights
    to remind your soul that
    im still here
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  4. Your words feel like they could fit to music! What a magical way of encouragement you have dear!

  5. That's beautiful, Ashley! And I do love the verse you shared at the end--what a wonderful promise!

  6. Nice to meet you Ashley! Your blog is great I love it :)



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