| A LIMP |

12:15 AM

i was running across my college campus today 
hoping to make it in time for math class. 
my previous teacher kept us overtime, and i had just a couple minutes to rush to another building. 

i was almost there. 
when someone going the opposite direction caught my eye. 
it was a young boy. 
dressed in professional, business attire. 

but there was something about him. 
that made me stop in my tracks. 
that made my heart sink. 
and it made the world, yet again, feel so unfair.

he had a limp. 

as one foot curved inwards, he dragged his other across the ground.
step by step. 

i felt shaken. 
something moved inside me. something felt so wrong. 
it looked so painful. 
i was just about ready to cry when i breathed a quick "lord, please bless him" 

as i walked towards my classroom
i wanted to ask "why"
or desperately felt the need to somehow help. 
i wanted answers. 
but the spirit was silent. 
i heard nothing. 

throughout the rest of the day
the image of a limp leg being dragged across the concrete pavement replayed in my mind. 
over and over. 

i was tempted to pity him. 
tempted to view him as less. or incapable of the happy life "normal" people live.

but i remembered. 
while i watched him with watery eyes. 
i saw something. 
something so breathtaking. 
so beautiful. 

he walked with his head held high. 
there was no shame. no apologizing for his presence. 
he walked with confidence. 
with dignity. 

and i smiled. 

this evening i was telling the lord about this experience. 
how it moved me. 
and wrecked me. 

and he spoke. 

he said, 
it takes more courage to walk with your head held high as you limp
than it does to walk with confidence when everything looks beautiful. 

i was speechless. 
my whole perspective changed. 

the spirit told me that his limp was not something to pity. 
because it's not the powerful. or perfect. or strong. 
who change the world. 

it's the broken. 
it's the weak. 
it's the meek and "helpless". 

how many of us walk with limps. 
how many of us have a dead leg that we drag behind every step of the way.


he turns our limps into glory. 
he says blessed are the poor in spirit. 
blessed are the meek. for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

i don't know this boys name. i'll probably never know.
but through him
the lord taught me a lesson that will forever change the way i live. 


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  1. This brought tears to my eyes! How true that God uses our thorns to shape us and our weaknesses to strengthen us. Everything in our lives exists for a reason, from the heavenly to the hellish. It's so easy to forget that! Thank you for the precious reminder.

  2. My, you are most certainly an extraordinarily gifted young lady. Your insights reflect a profoundly shaped character and journey. God bless you and his plans for your future.

  3. you have such a caring heart to you, how wonderful that you stopped and asked God to bless him. I am happy to hear he was walking with his head high... I have always been overweight all my life and have struggled with it, but I am always trying to lose it and don't give up, but I have always walked with my head down, a friend when I was a teenager didn't like it, said I should always walk with my head up. I am thankful that God loves me no matter my size, even though he wants the best for me and my health, and gives me the strength to stay on course. Thanks for sharing what the Lord taught you today :)

  4. Amen! Great post and great lesson. Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

  5. Lovely poetry here girly! Hope you're having a good week. :)
    xx finja | www.effcaa.com

  6. he who limps is still walking!!

    you are a dear, kind soul ashley for seeing this the way in which you did!! i hope your paths cross again - you will learn that there is nothing meek about him. it takes strength and courage to rise up in adversity. i'll bet he has an abundance of both!!


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