i love you

2:38 PM

i love you. 

three simple words. 
yet they hold eternity. 
they are the source of our universe. 
the energy that keeps our hearts beating. 

i don't understand them. 
until kingdom come, i never will. 
the beauty of "i love you" is too much for me. 
i can't grasp it. 

we all love. 
we all have felt love. 
the warmth in our hearts when we're with family and friends.
believing you'll be safe, amidst the chaos, when you're held in the arms of a loved one. 

there's something so much more. 
something so much deeper. 
when immortal reaches mortal. 
when infinite reaches finite. 
when power reaches weakness. 
when heaven reaches earth. 
with a gentle whisper. 
          a  still, small voice on the wind. 

in which there is no judgement. 
there is no fear. 
there is no threat. 
only promises of healing. 
prophesies of hope. 
words of kindness. 
sacrifices of love. 

i am overwhelmed. 
i am wreck. 
i melt. 
at this love. 

a perfect Father that whispers to my beating little heart.
"you are precious in my sight. 
and i. love. you. 
i will give worlds for you. 
nations in exchange for your heart. 
and i will give you. 
i will give you my whole heart. 
you will know me. you will see me. you will hear me. you will feel me. 
i will never leave you alone. 
you will be filled with Spirit and my kingdom will be alive in you. 
you will do greater things than any miracle i performed. 
you will rest in the intimacy of my presence. 
i will forever be with you. 
i will guide your every step. 
because i know you. i've memorized you. 
and because i love you. 
forever and always. i love you." 

he is moving. 
he is rearranging the pieces of my life. 
on earth it may seem like pain. 
it may seem like chaos. 
a mess i need to clean up. 

but it's not. 
it's my journey. 
the story of my undone. 
where i'm forever vulnerable to the work of his love. 
and instead of praying to be mended. 
i'll pray to be left exactly where i'm at. 
completely dependent on him. 
my heart blindfolded. 
so i can't trust myself. but trust the hand that is leading me. 

because forever and always. 
he will love me. 
and he'll never stop singing it over me. 


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  1. This made me think of 1 John 3:1, "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not."
    Such amazing love the Father has for His children.

  2. Wow, this shed such a more profound light on John 3:16 for me while I was reading I understood it so much more. You have a very special way with words, such wisdom!

  3. truly inspirational dear !
    you made your readers feel under speeled cuaused by your BEAUTIFUL writings!
    wishing you a very Happy ,Healthy and prosperous new year .

  4. a lovely writing - those words come easy for me!!


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