Goodbye and Hello

4:35 PM

goodbye 2016. 

thank you. 
thank you for making me stronger. 
for teaching me that life is about falling and getting up again. 
thank you for throwing me in an ocean. without teaching me to swim. 
thank you for creating beautiful memories. 
for taking me across the world in wonder. 
thank you for providing a space for healing. for rebuilding. for learning. 
you weren't perfect. 
but i wont hate you. 
you weren't painless. 
but i wont resent. 
you were more than i deserved. 
and my heart grew and melted. 
my scars will always remind me. 
that courage is not the absence of fear. 
but the bravery to continue onward despite it. 

you have changed me. 
you have tattooed a legacy on my heart.
the tears i cried will not be forgotten. 
the laughter that brightened my soul will be forever cherished. 

and now i must say goodbye. 
i will not linger. 
i will not hold on to the regrets i wish i could change. 
the moments i crave to relive will not haunt me. 

goodbye, my sweet friend. 

and to this upcoming journey i begin to venture
may you be full of adventure. 
may you take me places i have never been before. 
may heaven fill your every moment. 
may you mold and shape my heart. 
may you teach me. 
may you humble me and keep my heart on its knees. 
may you be full of spirit and inspiration. 
may you be overflowing with wonder. 
may your days resound with the melodies of worship. 

i am grateful. 
i am grateful yet daunted with the gift of a new year. 
i am grateful for another bundle of days to conquer. 
i will use them. 
i will not let them slide. 
and with each moment, may i never cease to cherish all the simple things. 

// happy new year //

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  1. what a beautiful reflection! i'm so proud of your journey :)

  2. "you have tattooed a legacy on my heart" I love this line. And this piece of writing and reflection is beautiful as a whole. Loving it.

  3. this is really beautiful ashley, profound and deep. you are a really good writer! i think life is a lesson until the day we die and we should always share our love and wisdom with others!!!

    happy 2017 ashley, may you always have love and happiness!!

  4. Your writing is always so touching and poetic :) Happy new year!

  5. A very happy new year to you, Ashley! May the Lord bless you with a 2017 filled with beautiful moments.

  6. Learn from the past and use it as a tool
    to start another year without fear.
    Happy New Year!

  7. This is so inspiring.
    Thanks for this lovely post sweetheart


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