11:05 AM

what do you do.
when it feels like it's just you.
you against the whole world.

what do you do.
when you feel misunderstood.
when you feel rejected.
when you feel betrayed.

what do you.
when all that you ever loved is stolen from you.
when everything you called "home" is stripped away.

when close becomes far.
when love becomes bitter.
when hope becomes lost.

sometimes it's hard just to try.
a simple smile becomes a daunting task.
finding the beauty is like trying to chase a star.

your good is flawed.
your efforts failed to reach the expectations.
your errors never cease to make themselves known.

how can one person be strong enough.
to carry a world.
how can one heart bear the expectation of perfection.

in a cold and brutal world.
it's easy to give up.

when you feel bruised and failing.
alone and helpless.
unwanted and blamed.

you're one breath away from giving up.

but dont.

life is a battle.
you were never promised an easy path.
you were promised hardship.
you were promised rejection.
you were promised pain.

but not to hurt you.
not to stain your face with tears.

but to show you.
that you are strong enough. and you were chosen for this path.
because you can venture it.

and sometimes.
sometimes it hurts the most.
when the closest don't see it.
when those you thought were for you, turn their backs.
when those you loved throw the first stone.
sometimes it hurts the most.
when you've failed.
and are always pushed back down before you find strength to rise.
sometimes it hurts the most.
when those who don't know you are filled with hate.

because you're different.
because you're fighting.
because you have purpose.
because you're imperfect.

but no.
never will those demons haunt you.
never will you lose strength to fight.

you were chosen for this life.
you were given it. because you have meaning.
because you were born to be light.
                                          to be beauty.
                                          to be kingdom.

and your life is a beautiful gift.
not only to yourself.
but to this world.

because your courage will not go unnoticed.
because your battle cry will not go unheard.
because your heart is a heavenly treasure.

and you are a warrior.
a beautiful warrior. that may not always win. but always fights hard.
and victory was given you.
the veil of darkness was torn at the cross.

so even when the world is screaming hopeless
your anthem will be hope

a hope that is anchored in perfect Love


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  1. my doctor called me a warrior once - as sick as i was, it made me smile. such a compliment!!! this is a nice writing!!

  2. when you feel left alone it hurts in deep specially if it comes from one you love most .
    for a long while you can feel worthless and disgraced BUT by the time GOD let you know that all was for to make you a BETTER person to make you a STRONG and self dependent .
    hugs and much love to you dear

  3. A great reminder that with Christ's love, we ARE warriors and we CAN conquer mountains.


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