4:00 PM

it was dark. 
there was no light. 
there was no water. 
not a single mountain was yet formed. 
not a galaxy was spoken into existence. 

the angels were silent. 
as god looked into the future. 

he smiled. 
"i love her" he said.
as he pulled your not yet formed body close to him.
"i choose her" he said.

she will be mine.
and oh, she is so beautiful.
look at her. she is my masterpiece.

i will create a universe.
i will create breathtaking beauty on earth.
but no.
nothing will be as beautiful as her.
she is my treasure.
she is my chosen.
she is my daughter.
and i will give her as a gift to the world.

and she will fail me.
she will fall and stumble and run away.
she will doubt my love.
she will reject my hope.

but i will still love her.
i will always love her.

and she will seek me.
and i will draw near to her.
oh she'll look for me.
and thirst for my presence.
and crave my spirit in her life.

and she will find me.
i will keep her close to me.
i will cradle her always. never letting her out of my sight.
not now.
not ever.

and her purpose will be to praise me.
i'll give her many songs.
with delight, i will listen to her worship.
and she will walk into heaven singing.

i will breathe my presence into her.
i will speak life into her body.

and the world will know.
that she is mine.
because i love her.

even when she feels alone, i will comfort her.
when she is lost in darkness, i will be her light.
when she is wounded, i will heal her.
when she is rejected, i will pull her close to me.

my heaven-spun creation.
my treasure woven by my love.

and i am her god.


oh, dear heart. 
never forget.
never lose sight of the father's love for you. 

before time began. 
he saw you in his head. 
and he chose you. 
there is no question in his mind. 
that you are his.  
and he loves you.

from earth, life may seem like a heavy burden. 
a hopeless battle. 
a fearful journey. 

but from heaven. 
you. are. everything. 

the cross- was for you. 
the beautiful nature- was for you. 
the scriptures- are for you. 

he loves you. 
he. loves. you. 

this christmas season. 
may we see earth from heaven's eyes. 
may his kingdom be revealed in the celebration of our savior. 
because his kingdom is love. 
and there is no greater love. 
than that of Perfect Beauty being gifted to earth.


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  1. this is....just breathtakingly beautiful. it brought tears to my eyes! what a wonderful image of love.

  2. Lovely lines. And, like the above comment says, got tears to my eyes too!

  3. Love it! Very beautiful and heartwarming!

  4. What a beautiful way of describing the Father's love for us.

  5. This is full of beautiful promises from the heavenly Father. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is so wonderful
    Really inspiring

  7. i feel happy to have you dear God bless you always and keep loving you forever as he does now as his love showers though your thoughts and wisdom .
    you mesmerize me with your skills to hold the soul dear .

  8. It's such a blessing to have found a fellow girl blogger who shares my faith. Sometimes I catch myself thinking of how God created such beautiful things like the earth, the moon, the sun, and the stars, yet he looked at us and decided he needed one of each of us as well. :) Such a comforting and promising thought :)

  9. a very thoughtful, pretty message - evoking a comforting feeling of joy!!!


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