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// follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy //
Corinthians 14: 1

how have you all been? i hope you all enjoyed a restful and beautiful thanksgiving.
i was blessed to share this special holiday with my wonderful family and friends.
my family then welcomed the christmas season dancing around to carols, sipping tea next to our fireplace and decorating our house from top to bottom.


i. love. christmas.
as soon as i returned to college after the holiday break, i began wearing my christmas sweaters and santa hat.
i also have this really cute little reindeer watch that's green an-
you know what.
i'll probably just post an outfit post soon.

goodness, what a beautiful week it's been.
sometimes i just look up to heaven and i'm like
lord, what have i ever done to deserve a part of your endless goodness.
and i can just feel him saying
you did absolutely nothing.
you can never do anything to deserve me.
i love you.
just because.
no strings attached.
no ifs. no becauses. no buts.
no questions.
just pure. perfect. unconditional love.

jesus, right?
so many times in my life i questioned his adequacy.
in a world that offers us so much.
how can simple faith fill all the cracks and spaces.
all the holes and missing parts.

but the beauty is
that he does fill your heart.            and more.
he's not enough.
he's more than enough.

so much
only infinity can be his boundaries.
his "limit" is limitless.


this week has truly been a collection of lessons. journeys. moments. and freshness.
a little spark in my heart turned into a wildfire of joy.

those moments when you're left speechless.
cant worship
cant pray
your mind just goes dead blank
at the beauty
at the perfection
at the way he leads you exactly to the place you needed.
whether through words or songs.
                               sometimes it's stillness.

last night, i grabbed my bible, my journal and a pen and sat next to my little christmas tree in my room.
i went in the presence of god with many questions.
and oh my.
how he perfectly answered every. single. one.
above and beyond.

i was lead straight to 1 corinthians 14.1
i shared the verse above, but i can't help but post it once more.

follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy

ladies and gents.
is my new life verse.
the journey of faith.
it's wrapped so perfectly in these fourteen words.

we are to follow the way of love.
that's not only truth but what beauty. what art in those words.
love has carved a path for us.
perfect Love has carved a path for us.
we. are. to. follow.
we are to journey. and venture.
we are to be love.
we are to breathe love.
we are to speak love.
we are to display love.

not in words alone. but in actions.
not in just actions. but in thoughts.
no in thoughts. but intentions.

love must run through our veins.
and love is jesus.
love is the holy spirit.
love is heaven.

we are to be a piece of heaven on earth.
we are to be kingdom. 

the second half of 1 corinthians 14.1 was new for me.
it was a word that many times i was taught to stay far from.
not to meddle with. to be careful.
but i no longer believe prophecy is something to fear.
but it is a calling.
       it is to be embraced.

prophecy is speaking forth.
it is a divine message inspired by the spirit.
it is a gift. a treasure.
and we are called to be "eager to prophesy" (1 corinthians 14.39)

our prophesies are to be that of strengthening.
of encouragement.
of exhortation.
of comfort.
of truth.

and as i begin a fresh new journey walking in the spirit
i pray to be ever aware of his presence in my life.
to always listen.
to always acknowledge that i can no longer direct my paths.
i no longer make the choices.

because in every detail. in every moment. in every choice. in every word. in every decision.
he speaks.
he guides.
he directs.
he inspires.
he counsels.
he affirms.

how much i've missed.
but how. much. there is to look forward to. because faith is a journey. a beautiful journey.

and i've just taken
my first step

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  1. This is so true and inspiring! May God keep you strong on this love journey

  2. ah dear !!!

    you are BLESSED SOUL truly you are .
    each time i read you i feel like i am entering in a world filled with LOVE and BLESSINGS.
    i wish may God send to this world more and more enlightened soul like you who have these so precious gifts .
    glad you enjoyed this week with your family and preparing for Christmas with enthusiasm .
    When i was little or in even in my teens i used to be excited for yearly festival EID and still have precious memories of those days in my heart.
    In my forty five years i realized God so close to me .i consider myself most boring person in the world because i am out of the race so less find me interesting but this makes me more close to him because i follow his commands and love everything he created .

  3. lots of love and hugs for you

  4. Really inspiring and true! God helps us, counsels us , guides us and may he forever do this for you, me, everybody!
    Wishing you seasons greetings!

  5. ooooh ashely, your connection to god is stronger and deeper than mine. i admire your writings and your faith, but we think a little differently - i hope that's ok with you. it's ok with me as i love diversity and what i learn from reading what gives my friends strength!!

    1. ms. debbie, thank you so much for commenting!
      and, oh goodness, it is more than okay! i believe that the beauty of faith is that it is a journey...and we each walk and venture differently.
      i believe there will be much diversity in heaven, therefore learning to love ALL regardless of beliefs is something i hope to do.
      i too enjoy learning from the differences of others...

      much love in christ,

      thank you also, baili, slimexpectations, and anon. for your comments!

  6. your blog is where i come to be inspired and refreshed and refilled with the lord's spirit. thank you for creating such a space of genuine and authentic restoration.

  7. The Bible is always a great source of inspiration and encouragement, which is why I always open my Bible and turn to God whenever I'm having a tough time and need to be refilled with the Holy Spirit.


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