8:52 PM

watch me, daddy. 
watch me twirl, daddy. 
daddy, listen to the new song i wrote for you. 
daddy, look. i got a little better today!
will you hold my hand, daddy? i'm scared. 
forgive me, daddy. i disobeyed you. 
help me, daddy. i don't know what to do. 
dance with me, daddy. 
pick me up, daddy. i can't make it much longer. 
teach me, daddy. show me how. 
daddy, i dont fit in. 
daddy, no one likes me. why. 
daddy, can you fix this? 
daddy, i'm hurt. 
daddy, i'm afraid. 
daddy, i'm lost.
daddy, i'm happy today. 
daddy, i'm nervous. 
daddy, i'm tired. 
daddy, i failed. 
where are you daddy? 
what are you doing daddy? 
thank you, daddy. 
i love you daddy. 

i love you daddy.


my child. 
my baby. 
i have called you for greatness. 
you were chosen for such a time as this. 
i am with you, child. 
i am in you, child. 
and all the world must know. 
all heaven and earth must know that you are mine. 

i have loved you. 
i want you to love. 
i have forgiven you. 
i want you to forgive. 
i have never judged you. 
you must not judge others. 

i am listening. 
i am holding on to every word you say. 
when you are crying. i am crying. 
when you are laughing. i am laughing. 
i am not indifferent. no. i am not indifferent to the heartache you are going through.

i want to draw near you. 
seek me. 
seek me, my dear child. 
i love you. i have always loved you. 
i will send the right people to you. at the right time. 
i will take you where i want you to be. when i see fit. 
heaven is cheering you on, dear one. 
you are not alone. 
you are strong. 
i have made you strong. 
look! look, my love. look how far you've come. 
oh, and how much more beauty is awaiting you.

i love you. 
never forget. there is nothing stronger. nothing purer. nothing sweeter. nothing more fulfilling. nothing more comforting. nothing more healing. 
than my love. 
and i have given you my love. 
forever into eternity. i am with you. always. 
spread my love. spread it like wildfire. 
lift your head to the skies, precious heart. breathe in heaven. 

i love you, child. 
i love you, my baby. 
and i am proud to be your daddy. 


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  1. This was incredibly beautiful and flowed quite nicely. You are an incredibly gifted writer.

    Have a Merry Christmas :)

  2. This is so touching, beautifully written :)

  3. ashley, you have a gift - the gift of expression. this evoked so many different emotions for me but i was still glad i read it. keep writing, you have mad skills!!

  4. It's wonderful to have a heavenly Father who loves us so much. Our earthly fathers really care about us and love us...and yet Jesus loves us even more!

    Thanks for this post, Ashley.

  5. this is such a warm heartfelt poem. I agree, you are gifted

  6. this is my favorite


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