9:52 PM

you are beautiful.
you are perfect just. the. way. you. are.
you do not need to change.
you do not need to starve.
you do not need to compare yourself to anyone. 

you do not owe anyone a barbie doll figure.
you are not obligated to fit into any mold.
beauty is not a number.
beauty is not found in a stereotypical silhouette. 

thin does not equal pretty.
fat does not equal ugly.

you have imperfections?           yes. you do. you're human.
you have a belly pooch?           probably. because you eat. 
                                                                  because you're alive. 
                                                                  because you're allowed to skip the gym.
                                                                  because it's normal. natural. healthy.

your life is so much more than the skin you live in.
your heart.
your character.
your passions.
your accomplishments.
the little things that make you smile. 
all the souls you inspire.

beautiful ones. 

what do you want to be defined by? 
what do you want to leave behind as your legacy?

enough is enough.

all the unrealistic expectations. 
all the boxes the female body must confine to.
the exploitation and acceptance of self-hatred.

it has gone too far.

we. are. not. objects.
we. are. not. plastic. dolls.
we.            are.              human. 

we are beautiful souls.
we have unimaginable potential.
we are capable of conquering the world.

to all the girls who do not love themselves.
to all the girls who are hurting. 


you will learn. 
you will learn to love your body.
you will learn to see that life is beautiful.
and you must. because you are worth it.
                                     you deserve to be happy.
                                     you deserve to be healthy.
                                     you deserve to be free.

to all the girls who are healing. 
to all the girls who are recovering.

be strong. be brave. 
never give up on recovery yourself.
and it's okay.
it's okay to cry sometimes.
it's okay to melt down.
but remember. you have an amazing body. it was created to heal itself.

and that's what it's doing. 
because it loves you. it takes care of you. and you will learn to do the same.

to every beautiful soul. 

you are loved.
you were fearfully and wonderfully made.
love yourself.
accept yourself.
be confident in what you were gifted.
                        in all that was invested in you.

and never stop reaching.
       never stop until the stars are yours. 

because you're worth it.


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  1. this is my favorite post you've shared to date. what a beautiful reminder of what really matters in life! not our physical bodies - which change constantly and waste away. our hearts and minds - which can change the world.

  2. A good advice for all - be strong. be brave.
    never give up on yourself.

  3. if only all the girls could read this. i always say to myself "be the person you needed when you were younger. say the things you needed to hear when you were a youth". it is a strong concept!! i enjoyed this!!

  4. Wow! This is absolutely stunning! You are so inspiring. This post made me feel loved. I actually almost cried. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing xx stay strong

  5. Wow! This is absolutely stunning! You are so inspiring and this post made me feel loved! This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing xx stay strong <3 pls visit my blog


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