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2:03 PM

happy sunday, lovelies!
i truly hope all is well with your lives and that you're soaking in the special beauty each day uniquely offers. 

today, i am here to spam you share with you some photos that my lovely sister snapped in our forest. as many of you know, i am recording my worship album (!) and as the end of this journey is approaching, my sister gave me a huge photoshoot for my album cover. 
i cannot thank cayla enough for all the support, work, time, effort and love she poured into helping me along this hectic album adventure! love you, cay <3

anywho, without further ado, i present the entire "iridescence" photoshoot.

hope y'all enjoyed these little snaps...the album release is coming up very soon!
have a blessed week, lovelies!


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  1. i have several favorites, the one of you kneeling in the leaves and the tree one above it. both are gorgeous...well all are gorgeous!!!

  2. what i missed most is little smile on your so beautiful face and huge calm eyes that reflect your sensibility and sensitivity.

    can't help to say that you are very pretty young lady who inspires with her lovey eyes .
    take care dear

  3. Wow beautiful photos! Very artsy!

  4. How exciting to have your album coming out soon. Looks it will have an awesome cover. You look beautiful!


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