7:44 PM

you're shattered.
you're hurt.

how could they.
how could you.

you thought you could do it.
you thought you meant something.
you thought it was all under control.

now you have nothing.

you feel betrayed.
yet somehow, you feel as though you betrayed yourself.

life's supposed to be easy, right?
a gift.

but it's not.

life's a wreck.
it's filled with pain.
and misery.
and heartache.

and many times, we don't want to battle it.
we don't want to let go.
we don't want to recover.


because it's hard.
because it's painful.
because it's a journey full of tears. of moments spent crying on the floor in your failure.
because it means letting go of your made up worlds.

because it's easier to stay locked up in your dungeon of misery, then shattering the walls of your cells.
it's easier to pretend you're okay, then to beg for help.
to accept help.
to admit you're wrong.

many times it's too painful to even life your head.
it feels as if the sun is shaming you.
as if the rays of light are making the wounds sting worse.
it burns.
it hurts.

you. are. recovering.

even if it feels as though nothing is happening.

you. are. getting. better.

every time you take the smallest step towards a better you,
you are shutting the door in your demon's face.

and you will not be haunted by this forever.
you will heal.
because hope is truth.
because love exists.
because joy is not a lie.

don't trap yourself.
don't trap yourself in lies.

let yourself breathe.
let yourself live.

even if you are at your last resort.
even if you feel like there's nowhere else to run.
run to love.
run to freedom.
run to life.

and never give up on yourself.
never give up on trying.
you are worth it.
your future is worth it.

and you will make it.
because you're strong enough.
because you're strong enough. 

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  1. i wonder what inspired these words??!!

    perhaps strength does not reside in having never been broken, but in the courage required to grow strong in the broken places....a quote i have always loved!!!

  2. without pain life will be easy but not beautiful .easiness is a state and we human grow through changes that came by when we bear pain .pain when you bear it with all your courage and when you get relief over after struggle becomes your strength your confidence that you have guts to defeat the misery

  3. such a beautiful reminder that even though some days are dark, god's future for us is bright and beautiful. sometimes our heart has to break for the light to come in. thank you for your vulnerability and authenticity!

  4. As always, you inspire and make me think. You are right, life is HARD sometimes. Oftentimes. BUT life is also amazing and filled with wonder. I think the key is allowing ourselves to find that balance.


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