// heartbeat //

1:31 PM


life. stress. chaos. work. peers. essays. tears. smiles. tea. fairylights. joy. depression. 


words. eyes. faces. memories. scribbles. sweaters. moments. rain. sun. cozy blankets. 


what is life. 
how is it defined. 
what do we remember. 
why do we forget. 

breath by breath we get closer. closer to the end. 
every movement is our story. 
we leave pieces and fingerprints that will become our legacy. 

are only "big things" remembered? 
are only life altering inventions.
ingenious discoveries. 
history-book-worthy bravery.
tattooed on our minds? 

what do our hearts hold close?
what do we treasure? 

and what about the little things.
the things that seem so insignificant. 
the cornered beauty. 
the forgotten gold. 

what are they. 

seven billion people breathe the earth's oxygen. 
seven billion inhabit this ground. 

yet even though we are amidst other living souls, we seem so alone. 
so forgotten. 

brokenness is not a dead end. 
being shattered is not a final destination.
hopelessness is not a definition. 
mistakes do not label your heart. 

learning to smile may be the hardest thing. 
learning to see the beauty in life may seem uncomprehensible. 
learning to love and accept your heart. your body. your past. your present. and all that is to come- 

that. is a journey. 
the journey of life. 

you are loved. 
no matter who. where. when. what. how. why. 
you. are. loved. 

and you are cradled in the greatest love. 
you are surrounded by infinite compassion and kindness. 

you have a Father who adores you. 
who has called you chosen. 
and treasured. 
and beloved. 
and beautiful. 
and "Mine".  

do not look to the right or to the left for approval. 
do not seek joy where it is impossible to find. 

you heart was formed by the greatest for the greatest. 
and you are not alone. 
you never were. 
there wasn't a day when He wasn't by your side. there wasn't a day when He let you fall. 
He is faithful. He will always be faithful. just as He always has been. 


every heartbeat is proof that you're still needed. 
every breath is a silent cry for hope. 

be strong. 

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  1. There are a lot of wise words here. I often say that I wish I had lived my life backwards, going through my 20's and 30's with the wisdom I have now in my 50's!! Life is easier now, I have done it all, lived it all and I have learned much of what I need to know! I appreciate everything and realize how important everything is.

    I have smiled through pain and heartache. I have found strength and courage in the darkest of moments. I know this is life...this is it and it does not get any better!!

    I think we are on the same page!! You are a young girl with an older soul!!

  2. Such a wonderful reminder, Ashley!
    This is awesome:
    "do not look to the right or to the left for approval.
    do not seek joy where it is impossible to find.
    you heart was formed by the greatest for the greatest.
    and you are not alone. "

    And that we are loved is what we must know. One of the tv series I watched online for a while was Touched by an Angel. The message the angels brought the people in just about every episode was "God loves you. He has you here for a purpose." Knowing we are loved by someone so wonderful makes life worth living.

  3. Love to read your wise words my dear friend.

  4. reading you sometimes give me glimpse of my old diary dear ..beautiful writing .this wisdom is so precious because you achieved it on the very right time i saw many who suffer with i immaturity even in their those parts of age when one look at them with respect for good piece of advice .
    heart beat is alarm to warn that each that is passed will never be back so be careful about one that is knocking .
    you write so beautifully .i enjoy each word with fondness .
    keep the lovely job up dear


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