4:12 PM

i love nature. 
i love nature because it's unfiltered. 
because it exists in the fullness of its rawness. 
it does not hide. 
it does not mask. 

i love earth because it does not cover itself in layers of self protection. 
when autumn comes and trees are left barren and naked. 
it surrenders. 
when winter comes and the beauty of the world turns to lifeless coldness. 
when things get broken and frozen. when the shining sun turns to irate storms. 
it stands with confidence. 

there's a beauty that creeps into my body through my bare feet 
as i walk. planting my feet deeply into earth's soil. 
there's a stillness that washes over me as i lie over the dust. 
and let the wind blow over me. 
there's a hope that covers me. 
as i let the rain drench me. as i let the rain wash off all my false layers. 
as i let the floods of heaven
unearth me. 
unmask me. 
undo me. 

there's so much to learn
from our beautiful earth. 
it's our home now. 
but it's a mirror. 
of everything we were meant to be. 

how is it. 
that the climax of creation failed to surrender. 
but all these lesser beauties
have faithfully sung in harmony with their maker. 

we were born to be dependent. 
we are not self made. 
we are not self-sufficient. 
we were born to dance through the seasons. 
to understand that even the wildest storm 
was sent with a reason. 

i was born
to walk through the garden. 
with you. forever. 
i was made for this kind of communion-
questions. laughter. silence. 
i was made to be held
i was made to be loved
i was made to be the completion 
of a beautiful work begun. 

i know it's time. 
to go back to the beginning. 
where i can learn to be free
like the art that was created before me. 

i was made beautiful
i can be confident
that the oxygen in my lungs 
will never be wasted. 


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  1. Well said. Uplifting and thoughtful words.

  2. This is beautiful, I completely relate to this.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  3. This is beautiful! It's stressful sometimes to try to be independent, to make sure people think I "can do it" on my own, so this has been a very uplifting reminder that it's fine to need others in my life! My favourite part is "I love earth because it does not cover itself in layers of self protection. When autumn comes and trees are left barren and naked, it surrenders." So beautiful!

  4. This is lovely poetry dear Ashley!

    either i love the original version of nature rather than refined with man's hand

    i loved to read the original book without being edited


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