7:41 PM

i need to learn to love you. 
needs to teach my stubborn soul how to kill self. 
how to make room. 
for the one who is broken. 

my broken is a vessel. 
pieces of old wood. 
that can become a shelter. 
for one who needs it most. 

even if you try to set me on fire. 
i'll be a roof that shelters you while i burn. 

even if you try to drown me. 
i'll be a raft that carries you until i sink. 

you can come up 
with every excuse under the sun. 
of why i should let you go. 
but i won't.
real love does not know how to give up. 
this love was never taught how to relent. 

you can give me
enough reasons to fill up an ocean.
of why i shouldn't say another word.
but i won't stop loving you. 
i won't stop carrying you. 
i won't stop loving you. 

be the thorn in my side, 
i'll learn to care for you. 
to mend you as i bleed. 

be the scars on my hand, 
i'll be proud of you. 
i'll display all the things through which we've been. 

because you don't know how to love yourself
i'll do it for you. 
until you can stand on your own two feet. 

because you don't know how to let someone care for you, 
i'll push my way in. 

this love. 
is Heaven's love. 
you couldn't stop me even if you tried. 

this song. 
is Heaven's song. 
you couldn't shut me up if you tried. 

this pursuit. 
is Heaven's pursuit. 
darling, just get lost inside. 

i've chosen to love you. 
forever i'll love you. 
there's no way out 
of this promise i've made you. 

and i'll be here until my goodbye. 

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  1. Hello, beautiful words and poem. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day and new week ahead.

  2. It is sometimes hard to believe how much God loves us, even when we aren't that loveable in return, how he so wants us to have faith in a love that is so strong.

  3. <3 Your words always find a way to touch my soul.
    Simply Me


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