1:31 PM

you satisfy me. 
i'll  let  those  words  sink  in

you are enough. 
you'll always be more than enough. 

help me remember. 
help me never lose sight of all the beauty that surrounds you. 
help me forever fix my gaze on my Lover. 

you will keep me. 
you will hold me. 
you still hear me. 

even when you feel a million miles away. 

because you are a good good father. 
you are proud to be seen with me. 
you are kind to me. 
you listen. 
and speak to me. 
you teach me. and show me. 
what father means. 
what lover means. 
what wild love means. 

i don't have to hide. 
there's no masks in your presence. 
no performing, 
no pretending. 

because you love me. 
raw and messy. 
unfiltered and unmasked. 
beautifully undone. 

so i'l close my eyes and leave behind all the lesser loves. 
i'll rest in your arms, next to your heart. 
cause that's exactly where i want to stay. 

and i know that in that place
my cup will overflow. 
because you are enough

to satisfy an eternity of longing. 

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  1. This really spoke to my heart and made me think of days long ago. Let Him teach you these things. It’s good. It’s all good. Tomorrow will come. There’s no need to hurry it. One day you’ll look back on today like it’s gold.

  2. "because you love me.
    raw and messy.
    unfiltered and unmasked.
    beautifully undone."

    Your words always inspire me to be more faithful. <3 Like an angel who is sharing words from God. Thank you!

  3. i understand your message but.....

    i always tell myself "i am enough"!! they are beautiful words and we often need to remind ourselves that we are enough!!!!

  4. Beautifully said, so wonderful to be at that place in your spiritual walk when you realize all this!!

  5. Og dear Ashley!!!

    this is so touching ,made my eyes teary .

    exceptionally absorbing emotions which surrounded my soul !

    i can relate the this longing my precious little angle!

  6. 'To satisfy an eternity of longing' - This. This is what I grasp for and chase after.

  7. this is the prayer of my heart!!


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