11:47 PM

i was there. 
as you turned your back to my outstretched arms. 
as you rejected my love. 

i watched you. 

when you took your first step. 
when you chose to leave home. 
when you had enough. 
and left behind your everything. 

i never left. 

how could you think. i would ever take you. 
where i knew you would hurt. 
how could you even ponder. that i would lead you. 
to the paths of death. 
how could you believe. that i would give you. 
a burden you could not carry. 

no child. 
it was not my arm that lead you
to the shackles that chain you down.

it was not my guidance
that made darkness your closest friend.

it was not my voice. 
that lied to your heart. and told you that you are unworthy of love. 

as you walked away from cradle
and forgot the sound of my heartbeat 
as you tore your growing lungs away 
from the oxygen supply i sustained for you
as you screamed and kicked
rejecting my hand offered to hold you as you bled

i did not leave. 
i did not forsake you. 
i did not turn away. 
not for a moment. 

as you journeyed far into the darkness of the night. 
i followed. 
from a distance
i chased you down and forbid death to harm you. 

it was not my hand that hurt you
it was my hand that bandaged your wounds. 
it was not my arm that held you captive. 
it was my arm that fought for you. until you were free. 

for i am abba. 
i am father.

i am a proud father. 
i am a good father. 
i am a faithful father. 

i am always and forever. 
i am the ocean of love you could never cross
because just as you thought you were reaching the end. you would find that it is yet.
just the beginning. 

i am a wholehearted lover. 
i will never leave you. 
i will never be ashamed to call you mine. 
but gaze into your eyes with adoration. 
i will forever embrace you. and cradle you in my arms. 
i will whisper promises of hope into your dreams. 
and hover over you with peace. 
i will rejoice over you with singing. 
and together we will cross meadows dancing. 
i will put my hand in yours. and never. let. go. 
i will be there as you cry on my shoulder. 
i will be there when you laugh until your stomach hurts. 
i will be there when it seems as if you lost everything. 
or when you stand on top of the world. 


always and forever. 
before i put stars in the sky
and into the infinity of eternity. 

i love you. 

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  1. This made me feel so close to God. What a precious experience! God is good,.

  2. There are so many gorgeous phrases that I couldn't pick just one as a favorite. You are amazingly gifted at communicating the truth of love and hope and kingdom. :) God works through you when you are close to him, it's so clear and beautiful to see!

  3. When are you publishing a devotional?

  4. Can't get enough of your thoughts, girl!


  5. Oh wow this is awesome, I am doing a ladies bible study right now and we just finished a chapter on the Father, I will have to share this with the girls!

  6. This made me cry I needed it so much!! Thank you!!


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