9:48 PM

how many times. 
how many times do we have to find ourselves in the same place. 

in that heartache. 
in that loneliness. 
feeling inadequate. 
and never good enough. 

how many times. 
do we have to chase fantasies. 
to follow our hearts to disappointment. 
and realize yet again 
that it doesnt work.
because it never works.

our "good" will never be good enough. 
thats a certain.
our "everything" is nothing.

all the different ways we bend and break and fix and change to fit. 
fit what. 

what for. 
for what use. 

why chase the precarious.
why lose yourself in hopes to find the unsure. 

you are worth more than that pain.
you are worth more than the illusive you crave to find. 

stop running. 
stop hurting yourself.
stop disappointing your heart.

you were meant for love. 
you were meant for beauty. 
                             for purpose.
every lie your heart has believed. 
every moment you spent hating the beauty of your soul.
no. longer. deserve. you.

they never did. 
they never will.
they never should have corrupted your mind. 

you are not meant to be perfect. 
                                          flawless is a myth.

you are meant to be real.
to make mistakes and to learn from them.
to prove that you are more than your imperfections.
that your scars are your anthem of hope. and survival. and strength. 

run to love. 

to the love that will never abuse you.
that will never lie to you. 
will never use you.
will never hurt you.
will never mislead you.
run to the love that will hold you close.
and will cradle you in comfort.

because love holds no ties with hate. 

love is pure.
love is kind.
love is selfless.
love is patient.
love is unconditional.
love is protective.
love is gentle.
love is sweet.
love is hopeful.
love is eternal.

and you deserve love. 
seek it. 
and you will find. 
and it will answer.

love never turns its face away.


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  1. absolutely beautiful writing .

    you are blessed in so little age with lots of maturity and this shins through your precious words that flow down from your very sensitive heart.
    LOVED whatever you wrote SPECIALLY about LOVE .
    hearts are so precious who are filled with love and God never leave them alone .they sooner or later find a loving heart who recognizes and adores their love.
    Life is all about love and who lives without it is shallow

  2. You have a beautiful style of writing, I felt a connection to this!

  3. Wow this is beautiful :) Love your style of writing

  4. (There is a love, a love stronger than death. It struck my heart, and the flame will ne'er retire.)

  5. Your journey is so beautiful! Thank you for your authenticity and transparency in sharing it with us :)


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