9:44 PM

running in place. 

they are echos. breathing in. breathing out. 
as soon as we're up, we fall back down. 
as soon as we smile, somehow we find ourselves crying. 
"good" doesn't last. 
why is pain our refuge? 
why do we feel safest crouched in a corner of misery? 
it's familiar. it's ours. we know it. inside out we manipulate ourselves to believe our own lies-

"i'm okay" we say. 
"i'll make it" we say. 

but we're not. we're not striving onward. we're staying in place. 
but if we're not going forward, we are slipping backwards. 
if we're not white. we're black. 

grey doesn't exist in Jesus. 
you're not partially in or partially out. 
He doesn't give His heart in pieces. so neither can we. 

but i know it's difficult. i know submission is the most heart wrenching moment. 
it's the most beautiful. 
it's freedom waiting to bloom. 
because we are not expected to mend our worlds back together. 
we are not expected to conquer the earth. 

we are to trust. 
we are to obey. 
we are to love.
we are to do good. 

our battles are already won. death has been defeated. victory was ours when the veil was torn. 
we are His children. His precious treasures. His holy people. His chosen ones. 
walk by faith, and let Him lead you. 
purposely blind your eyes so you must be dependent on Him. 

and let go. 

His hand is reaching out to yours....will you take it? 

//behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.// Revelation 3:20

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  1. you are so pretty with grave thinking and intense eyes

    life is not a bed of flower and it would trust me our growth as humans will stop god bless

  2. Good reminder to completely trust in Christ! :)

  3. Thanks for the encouraging message, beautifully phrased. There's victory in the Lord!


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