My Thoughts // Expectations vs. Reality

8:00 PM

Life's journey takes us to so many places. 
So many twists and curves. roadblocks and cliffs. 
Sometimes our roads are paved and smooth. Other times, sharp rocks and gravel lie ahead of us. 

There are so many stops along the way. We each stand gazing before a different view point.
Some may be at the very beginning- first stepping out onto the waters. 
Others may be battling the winding road of recovery. 
Others may be caught in the storm of depression. addictions. rebellion. hopelessness. 
Some may be traveling the beautiful paths of fulfillment. joy. success. accomplished dreams. 
As I've traveled along, I've learned that my hopes and expectations of life often vary greatly from the reality that faces me every morning. 

Every morning, I wake up. An avalanche of thoughts overflow inside me. 
my goals. dreams. hopes. fears. doubts. insecurities. memories. regrets. to-do list. 

Everything floods my heart. 
I hope my day will progress the way I've planned it. Subconsciously, I expect my situation to get better (eventually, at least).                                                                        Expectations.
Without even realizing it, I create a fantasy of my life in my head, hoping that I can somehow dodge the truths of reality. 

Because let's face it. Life isn't easy. 
                                 Recovery isn't easy. 
                                 Holding on to faith and hope isn't easy. 
                                 Selflessness isn't easy. 
Many times doing what's right isn't easy. We hope to. We want to. We sincerely try to. 
but....we fail. 

how many times to we have to be cut, burned, hurt, and humiliated by our mistakes? 
how many times must our past regrets haunt our sanity? 
how may times do we have to look in the mirror and hate the person we have become? 
how many times do we have to look at our lives and think, "i've failed."?

I've grown to become terrified of that word. But many times I realize, however, that is a false fear. 
Failure can be our best teacher. Our biggest motivator. 
because failures do not define us. they only shine light on areas that must be done away with. 
failures do not stop us. they push us forward, reminding us we've come this far. we can go further. 
failures to do not make us hopeless. or worthless. they make us warriors and survivors. 

for so long, my expectations for myself and my life were futile. 

if we allow failures, mistakes, regrets- even the deepest. hardest. most painful and shameful memories, to define us, we are robbing ourselves of the greatest gift. 
the gift of healing. forgiveness. hope. transformation. revival. restoration. joy. 

what are you am i excepting from life? 
because though realities can be painful, they can also be life-giving. 
that full healing is possible. 
that strength can be found even in the most difficult situations. 
that joy is never too far from reach. 
that you are not your past. 
that life will be hard, but you are made strong. 
that though your journey will be anything but perfect, it will be beautiful. 
that despite everything, He is still cradling you in the palm of His hands. 

so close your eyes. capture all your false and life-sucking expectations in a box, and burn them.
don't let those control you. you control them. 
remember who you are. who you truly are. 
saved by grace. restored. made new. His beloved. 

//bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. they will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor. // ~Isaiah 61:3


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  1. Good post. Reminds me of the song "Life is Hard, but God is Good." That is one of my favorites! The verse you used to conclude is beautiful.

  2. My beautiful friend, I love your wise thoughts! God bless you darling and thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Wishing you a blessed weekend, Liuba x


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