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to all my lovely readers- 

this blog has been a sweet space for me for the past seven years. i have processed so much, grown through these writings, and met so many wonderful souls. i have been silent for almost a year on this has been incredibly full of many changes & new adventures. this last year i married the man of my dreams and started a new life as a Wojtas. 

newness has flooded my life in almost every dimension, so i decided to create a different place for me to process this fresh chapter. if you would like to continue journeying with me, you can find me h e r e

i will continue to share many thoughts & experiences as i venture through all life's many seasons. i will keep Like No Other up in memory of all the roads we traveled together. this place is precious to me. thank you for reading & following along for all these years. 

with all my love, 
ashley wojtas 

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  1. On the other platform we cannot comment with a google account...

  2. Wow, I just came here for one of the only times since getting married myself. Congratulations! <3


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