10:10 PM

drip drop
drip drop
drip drop

do you feel it
do you feel it falling
do you feel it drenching
do you feel it drowning you 

drip drop
drip drop

the heavens are opening
the light is breaking
the dawn is coming
the spirit is falling

from a distance
it is coming
coming to be near us
coming to fill us
coming to possess us

pitter patter
like a springtime shower
rain on me

you're giving me a new song
there's a melody planted in my lungs
that will blossom
into an anthem
that will shake the whole earth

and i'm going to sing it
i'm going to sing it with every breath in my lungs
they're going to hear it
the whole earth will hear it

i'm not going to be shy about it
this is not the time to be shy about it

they couldnt shut me up if they tried
cause no one else can sing my song for me

there's a line and we've crossed
some would say that we've lost it
but who cares what they say
we've found our joy in loving you

and we are wild for you
and we will be wild for you
and we will never stop singing
never stop worshiping
the one who was wild for us

because there's nothing you didnt give
nothing you didnt do
nowhere you didnt go
you gave everything

how could i not
how dare i not
give my everything

drip drop 
drip drop

the tides are rising
the rain is falling
and i'm drowning
but it's not enough

take. me. deeper. 

close isn't close enough. 
until i'm right there. 
in your arms.
next to your heart. 
until i lose myself in your gaze. 
until i melt under your smile. 
until i feel your breath gently on my skin. 
until your hand intertwines with mine. 

cause all i want 
is just to know your heart
and would you keep me here
until we're one
until we're one. 


drip drop
drip drop

quotation one . tip of my toes by steffany gretzinger 
quotation two . the more i seek you by bethel

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  1. Poignant, thanks for sharing!

  2. i love the rain as it can awaken every one of our senses!!!

  3. Simple but beautiful and moving. God is so good!

  4. *Looks for a video of rain falling white nose!* this reads so well!

  5. The images in your words give me such chills. It's so authentic and raw! Love it!

  6. What a perfect devotional for spring! Thank you for the reminder that god makes all things new and that we can find ourselves full in him.


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