10:37 PM

tearing through clouds as the ground grows closer. 
till i reach the end. 
since nothing is holding me. 

i held my breath as i felt my heart breaking
no way back now. 
you know in those moments
your were lost in the blindness 
when all was shaken
you had nothing to hold

i thought there were miles until i would reach the bottom
but now the edge of my cliff seems so far away
what would i not give to take back these moments
what would i hold back to start breathing again

but just as i closed my eyes 
and counted my last heartbeats
as i said my final goodbye to the earth i called friend

i felt something catch me
soft gentle hands
i stopped falling
and began rising
a gravity that pulled me 
up towards the skies.

past the clouds that felt my terror
above the mountain from which i fell
until the stars glittered like snowflakes
and the galaxies could fit in my hands. 

my heart was unraveling 
i saw my existence in the undone
there among the stars
were all my pieces
all the loneliness i once called home. 

and out of the darkness
a soft gentle a smile
two eyes that shone brighter than suns
the hands that once caught me
were now holding
a new, beautiful heart 

love was its oxygen
hope was the blood that ran through its veins

no touch could be sweeter
no promise more assuring
no smile more healing than his
no hands could be stronger
no love could be wilder
no gift could be greater
no word could be wiser
no presence more constant
no friendship more loyal 
no father is kinder
no king shows more mercy
no hand holds tighter than his
no voice sings more beautifully
no love song so intimate            as the one sung to me 

for you
he says as he gives the heart to me
you're free, my child. 

tell me. 
how many tears fill up an ocean
how many bright smiles shine in the sun
what kind of beauty keeps stars twinkling
what peace blows in the wind
what breath lives in the stillness 
what strength dwells in a forest
what courage keep waves raging
what peace floats the clouds in the sky

what a world
oh how i wish i could tell you
all this beauty exists for your eyes
why do you hide
as if i cannot see you
why do you run 
as if the ends of the earth are not mine

you are not falling
you no longer run
you will be cradled
here you are loved
a heart has been gifted
wild and free
the whole earth will hear you
joy lives in me

you are my beauty
an inspiration for my song
welcome, my baby
to the family of love

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  1. a wonderful story of love and despair!!!

  2. this is so unique, so poetic, and so beautiful! i feel like i have a part of your heart in your hand and i am so thankful for that, for your authenticity and your beautiful soul. love it!

  3. you have such a beautiful way with words, so reassuring and exciting, all hope and love can be found in our Lord Jesus.

  4. I like this Ashley! It needs put to music!

  5. Heart warming and Beautiful Beautiful and Beautiful writing.

    You amazed me with your mesmerizing way of expression dear .
    Keep the lovely job up !!!

  6. Once again you entrance your readers with your amazing writing...every time I stop by here, I come away feeling enriched. Thank you.


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