My European Journey // part one

10:51 PM

Hello, beautiful souls!
It's been a bit of time has passed since my last post, but in my absence, I toured Europe!
It was a whimsical trip of a lifetime filled with beautiful memories I would never dream to forget! 
During our time across the Atlantic, my sister and I held several concerts in Austria and had the chance to enjoy several performances at the piano in Nice, France, Rome, and Paris.                              I enjoyed a month of breathtaking sightseeing, unique cultural experiences, delightful food and all-nighters spent in a beautiful castle in Aspang. 

oh what an adventure. 
after visiting aspang, vienna, paris, nice, rome, florence, venice, sibiu, timisoara, bucharest, bordighera, the louvre, the vatican city, leaning tower of pisa, eiffel tower, countless churches, the colosseum, ruins of roman temples, transfagarasan highway, and oh goodness, so much's overwhelming to even try to share all that i saw and experienced. but i'll try to pick my favorites. 
here are little bits and pieces of my european journey for you! 

a little trip to our favorite yogurt shop, Ellenos, on our way to our flight. 

goodbye, America!

beautiful aspang castle. what we called home for much of our journey. <3

the inner court of the aspang castle during a thunderstorm. 

performing a private classical concert in vienna, austria. 

my daily breakfast at a local bakery in aspang, austria. 

this photo was shot in venice. 

traveling by subway with daddy, cayla and our italian fam in rome! 

little bits of rome.

ladies and gentlemen, the vatican. 

goodbye, rome. hello, florence! 

we were almost there! 

no comment needed. 

it was breathtaking. 

the notre dame in paris. 

the famous hall of mirrors in versailles.

daddy and i took a selfie with the mona lisa at the louvre. 

my tongue turned blue after i ate a mysterious blue merengue. 

a lovely and yummy eclair from a parisian bakery. 

i couldn't have found a lovelier kindred spirit to share this journey with. 
love ya, sis. <3

This marks the end of part one of my European Journey! Part two will be posted sooner than I could whisper a little "I miss you" to Europe. 

See you all soon!

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  1. Oh I wish I could go there, but seeing your pictures satisfy me a lot too. :) I'm excited to see more!
    Ellie R.

  2. Wow, what an exciting adventure! :D It looks like you had a great experience. And you got to stay in a castle?!

  3. Aspang castle looks absolutely charming!

  4. Wowww Ashley, I loved reading your this post. I am so glad you enjoyed visiting some parts of Europe. I love Nice a lot and I am glad you had the chance to visit it and enjoy it with your family. Thank you, darling for all these beautiful pictures. Liuba x


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