Pale Sparkles

2:53 PM

Hey everyone! I'm here to share few photos I took on our trip...after about 20 hours of being cooped up in our car, we stopped at a gorgeous, rustic spot between Battery Point and Half Butte in Crescent City, California. Here are some photos we took! :) 

View the full photoshoot and don't be afraid to share your thoughts...I can't wait to hear from you, lovelies!

PS- I'll hope to share some pictures of the mission trip sometime in the near future as well! 

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  1. Beautiful portraits! I like that shade of purple. Crescent City, eh? You weren't too very far from me. :)

  2. Cayla is 15?! Wow! I had no idea! :) Does she have a blog?

    1. Hey Naomi!
      Yup, she turned 15 last October! She doesn't have a personal blog like mine, but her blog is our singing blog. It acts as our website/store...she's a lot better at HTML and all that than I am, so her blog looks amazing! :D (she also designed my blog as well...ah, older sisters) Here's the link to the music blog:

      Thank you Naomi, hope to see you back soon! <3


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