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10:48 AM

Good morning, lovelies! How are y'all doing? 
I come to you from my bed today, with a second degree burn taking up over half of my arm. Y'all might be wondering, "How on earth do you have such a huge burn on your arm?!" So let me tell you...My family and I went to the mountain on Wednesday to enjoy some summer attractions. The mountain has a half a mile slide called the "Alpine Slide" where you sit in a little "cart" and speed down a twisty hill. You can all probably guess what happened. Gained to much speed, slipped off, slid on the slide for about 15-20 feet and burned my arm clean. 

I definitely learned (or was able to think) about a thing or two while I am stuck in bed, unable to do practically anything. The burn starts below my elbow and goes up past my shoulder onto my back. The pain is somewhat bearable, but it's really uncomfortable. I haven't been able to sleep for more than an hour for the past couple of nights (new discovery: it's very hard to find a comfortable position when you have to prop up your arm to sleep. Go figure.)

in case y'all wanted to see part of my burn
Anywho, I'm just going to share what I've learned from this less-than-fun experience. 

#1. It's never worth it.

Doesn't matter if it's sledding, skateboarding, going down a silly slide, drugs and alcohol, or whatever- it's never worth the risk. Be extra careful, take care of yourself, and enjoy having fun while being safe. The thrill of speed, or "one time experiences" in life always have consequences. It may be fun at the moment or you might even think you may get away with it, but honestly, sooner or later that boomerang is gonna come hit you hard. 

#2. Using one arm is harder than it looks. 

God definitely knew what he was doing when He gave us two arms. Not being able to put up your hair, make your own food, or having a very difficult time getting into your pj's and all the rest is extremely agitating. 

#3. I take a lot of things for granted. 

Being able to sleep comfortably, live independently without relying on someone to constantly help me, practicing the piano, being able to stay in the sun without worrying about the sensitive, healing skin, and so much more- these are all things I take for granted every single day. Lots of "chores" or "tasks" may seem annoying when you have to do them, but when you are physically unable to do them, you would trade anything in the world to do 'em.
#4. We have such amazing bodies. 

Watching my arm heal on it's own is amazing! It's jaw dropping to see how we were created to mend ourselves. My dad brought to my attention that we could have been made to live with an injury forever...I couldn't even imagine living with this burn until I die! Yet another thing that I take for granted- a body that miraculously heals itself. 

#5. I've been blessed with the best family. Ever.

My dad, sister and especially my mom have been so supportive and encouraging over the past couple of days. From helping me with practically everything, to staying with me through the very long nights, checking on my to see if I need anything, helping me with the antibiotic ointments, comforting me through the pain (and again, so much more)...they've been there!  I feel so blessed to know that I have such an amazing family who loves me so much...<3 

So, these are my little thoughts that I've been thinking about while I'm in recovery mode. Also wanted to share with y'all my new absolutely favorite song I've been listening to lately. This particular song really helped me through the sleepless nights, and I thought I'd share it with you as well! (:

Have a blessed rest of your week!

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  1. Ah you poor girl! :'( That's awful! I hope it heals very soon and you get to feeling better quickly!

  2. Aw! I feel so sorry for you, Ashley! I hope and pray that you're arm will heal quickly!

    1. Ashley and Kathryn, thank you for your kind words and prayers! I too hope my arm will be good and ready to work again asap...but we'll have to wait and see! Hopefully infections decide to stay away!

  3. Ahhh you my little girl :( I am so sorry love!

  4. Hello Ashley! I randomly found your blog post looking for help healing my alpine slide burn! I'm so afraid it will scar forever! I see this happened to you about a year ago, and my injury based on your picture is literally the same shape and size as the one I did yours heal? Can you give me any advice for a topical or cream to keep it from scarring? And how does it look a year later?? Thank you :) Meghan


    1. Hey Meghan!
      First off, I'm so sorry for your injury! I can definitely relate to the pain and anxiety you are feeling...I'll be sure to pray for you as you heal!
      As for ointments- honey. It was my #1 go to. It helps with pain, infections and minimizing scarring. Since my injuries covered most of my arm (upper and under) and my inner thigh, I used honey at night when I wasn't moving quite as much. However, once the blisters popped and the liquid started running, I purchased an over-the-counter ointment to help with both pain and infection. (I'm so sorry, I can't remember the name, but any pharmacist will provide a good recommendation).
      As for scarring- no sunlight. Like NONE. After I got my burn (which was in June), I spent ALL summer wearing long sleeves in 80-100 degree weather to protect the burned area. The skin is very sensitive therefore contact with UV Rays will result in red, scarred skin. Don't irritate the area by rubbing or scratching (for me this was hard during scabbing), or using hot water during showers.
      As for my healing- I can barely see the "scar" on my arm. My skin tans very well, so the healed area is hardly noticeable on my arm. I will tell you though that my thigh does have a scar, but honeslty, I'm not too worried about it.
      I hope I've been of help, if you have any more questions I could help with, please don't hesitate to ask!
      God bless

  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me! I'll take you advice and keep covered, and thank you for keeping this post up so that I could benefit from it and your advice. I am glad you're headed!


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