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Hey everyone! 
As promised, here are some pictures from my family's Cali/Mexico mission trip! We had such an amazing time sharing the Gospel, giving glasses and eye checkups to the locals, meeting such wonderful people, playing with their adorable children and visiting the town..I couldn't believe how the time flew! But now, it is time to go back to the memories and share with y'all little snippets from our journey! 

Throughout the mission, I had an opportunity to spend time with several babies/young children and I enjoyed it so. much. (In case y'all didn't know, I absolutely adore babies!!)

The is the new chapel built for the Christian school in Rosarito. A group of Ukrainians/Russians came to serve at the same time our group did, and they built this new attachment to the school in just one week. Their work was amazing and such a big blessing to the community!

These are photos of my sister, Cayla, playing with another little boy from Mexico. Such cuties! <3

This is part of the eye clinic set up at the local church, where the patients received free eye examinations and waited for their new glasses! 

 Cayla and I playing with some more little kids... I had the opportunity to teach a couple of locals how to play the piano while I was there! 

These are a few pictures of a very special little girl I met: Gabriela. I went up to talk to her the first day I was there (Sunday morning for church) and we chatted a little. She didn't speak a peep of English and my Spanish isn't too amazing, but somehow we formed a strong connection. This adorable little 9 year old clung to me every moment she was at the clinic or at a church service. She was so precious and loving, and she really had a heart for Jesus, even at her young age! I already miss her! <3
Cayla, a couple friends and I made over 200 goodie bags for the children! 

Dr. Andrea and her assistant examining a woman's eyes. 

 Sunday morning church service! 

Small glimpses of the extreme poverty where the locals lived...

With the babies again! <3

Pictures of Cayla and I with our new friends! :) 

Now, here are a few pictures of the places we visited throughout Cali/Mexico! 

Cayla and I horseback riding on the Mexican shores. 

This sign didn't quite match up reality! 

Visiting the coast! 

Family picture! 

Lots of visits to the beach!

Playing basketball with the dolphins at SeaWorld! 

We went to Six Flags! (Bragging moment y'all) Cayla and I rode every. single. ride. Six. Flags. has. to. offer. (but one. because we ran out of time) It was awesome, y'all! 

My huge hot fudge sundae at Ghiradelli! 

Watching Lord of the Rings over and over and over and over....

Ah...that's about it y'all! Even though there were bumps along the way, this was definitely a trip to remember! :) Thanks for reading! 

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  1. This definitely does look like a memorable trip! How sweet to spend special time with those kids. And then it seems you enjoyed some fun times of sightseeing! How was the Sundae? ;)
    By the way, has Cayla ever considered guest posting on your blog?

    1. Hey Paige!
      It was definitely a wonderful trip...and yes, the sundae was to DIE for!
      Haha...we have thought/talked/planned about it, but I guess it just never happened (yet). Cayla loves to be behind the camera, and that's where she feels the most comfortable. I actually think she is the one that makes this blog happen. Without her, there would be no pictures. (Orrrr they would look like 100 times worse XD) BUT, since you mentioned it, I'll convince her to guest for us! :) I do have a couple posts on the blog where she did share her outfit alongside mine. Here are the links:

      Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! <3

    2. Yum! :)
      Okay, cool! Photographers are sooo important. What would my blog be like without my Mom? But yes, it would still be cool! :)

  2. Hey Ashley!!! So good to hear from u again! I do hope ur arm is getting better😔 It looks like your trip had a lot of fruit!! I'm so glad to hear that it went well. I'll be praying for that little girl that u mentioned. She looked so sweet!! My grandfather works down in Belize as a missionary as well. What part of Mexico were u working in? You may have said but I didn't see it. We'll have a good Sunday afternoon!😊

    1. Hey Hannah! :)
      Thank you for you comment; it's great to hear from you!
      We were working down in Rosarito, really close to Tijuana. We were about an hour away from the Californian/Mexican border!
      Thank you for your prayers for Gabriela....I'm sure she will definitely need them as she grows. <3

  3. What a wonderful time you must have had! I would love to go to Mexico or some other place with my family to share God's love. I loved the pictures of you with the little children. I love being with little ones as well! I hope that your burn feels better!
    P.S. Lord of the Rings is definitely the movie for long car rides!

  4. That hot fudge sundae looks sooo delicious! Looks like an awesome mission trip; glad you were able to spread a little love and joy!

  5. Ahhh girls, you look adorable. I am so glad you got another chance to visit Mexico, I remember that last year you had a great vacation there. Those kids are so cute. I am so glad to see you again happy and smiley :) Kisses, Liuba x

  6. Hi!!! Looks like you had fun on your mission's trip. :)
    I hope you check out my blog and please follow it by email!
    I am having a giveaway really soon, so please enter it when I publish it. :) Also, I hope you check out my crochet store. I would love to make something for you.
    Love in Christ,

    1. Hey Ashley! Thanks for stopping by! I sure did have a TON of fun...definitely an adventure I'll always remember. I'd be happy to check out your blog and give it a follow! I'd be happy to join your giveaway as well; thanks for letting me know about it! :) Hope to see you back soon!

  7. Hey Ashley! I'm Ellie. I've always wanted to go to a mission trip to Mexico. It sounds so awesome! This blog is so beautiful and I love your posts! These pictures are awesome! And that baby is so cute. I'm so glad you could help people there!
    P.S. It'd be awesome if you could check out my blog and maybe enter for my giveaway. ;)


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