A Pop of Pink

10:05 AM

Good morning, lovelies!! 
Thought I would stop by and share my Sunday mornin' outfit with y'all before heading off to church! Like usual, let me give you the weather update. ;)
Sunny. Clear skies. Hot. Gentle breeze. Perfect. 
I thank God for this absolutely beautiful weather we've been having....But now, let's get to the outfit! 

So on a beautiful sunny day like this, how could I not wear pink? I bought these hot pink lace slippers from Macy's a little while back and they got lost somewhere in my closet. As I was searching for a cute pear of shoes to wear, these little shoes decided to come out! I love the little pop of pink they add to the outfit! And what's better than lace to go along with it? 

//outfit details//

blouse: Macy's
maxi: Macy's
shoes: Macy's
ring: Icing
necklace: Icing

Have a beautiful rest of your day! 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. ~Philippians 4:6

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  1. Beautiful outfit! :D I like your pink shoes. Enjoy the rest of your sunny day! :)

  2. Hey I live your outfit! So pretty and modest. And the pink does add a pop of color, adds a nice compliment to the two more neutral colors. Well have a good day!

  3. That is a such a cute outfit! Be thankful for that gorgeous weather!

  4. Ahhh you cutie doll! Thank you for stopping by. You looked gorgeous on Sunday hehee. Kisses, Liuba x


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