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Hey y'all! Time for another My Thoughts post! Today, I feel like I should talk about leggings. The new fad right now makes leggings work as pants, but are they really the same thing?

I think personally, I would have to agree with this little image above. In my view, leggings are not pants, gals. Wearing leggings is almost like wearing a second-skin! I see one too many girls walking around in the mall and streets with pretty much only a pair of leggings and a T-shirt on...and to be honest, it is pretty disturbing.
I know that wearing a cute top and leggings is a quick "shortcut" to being in style and on trend. And to be completely transparent with y'all, I fell on that trap too. Though most of my lower torso was covered, the blouse I wore that one particular moment was not long enough to work modestly with leggings (to my own standards to say the least). Did I look cute in that outfit? Yes. Was I "in style" and "on trend"? Yes. Was I modest and pure in that outfit? No. And girls, that is the difference. Whether you look cute or not, in fashion or not, like your friends or not, like that one celebrity or not isn't the important thing here! The hard truth is this: The way "fashion trends" are portraying leggings right now is not modest, Godly or pure.
But- that doesn't mean you have to burn all your leggings. Because like I mentioned before they can be very useful, cute and (most importantly) modest.  And I want to encourage you all to make the fine line between how and how not to wear leggings. So, I'll give you a couple of my own little tips. :)
1: Set boundaries and guidelines, then follow them!
Leggings aren't a sin. And if you wear them with something long enough- they can work! Talk with your parents, pray about it and really think about the standards you want to set regarding leggings. For me, it has to cover completely and extra. Because between bending down, raising your hands, walking and moving in a relaxed and normal way, your shirt is bound raise and move around. Here are a few pictures that portray cute and modest ways to wear leggings.

(Just as a side note, the "maybe" in this photo would be more of a no for me. This is something pretty basic I found online, and I thought it was a pretty good starting point)
2: Better safe then sorry.
If you feel like something might be ok, but maybe it isn't and you aren't sure what to do- go safe. Try not to leave your room or home until you know for sure what you are wearing is appropriate and comfortable to wear freely. Sometimes (like the "maybe" example in the photo above) a blouse may be fine when it is set in the right way, but once you get active, it just won't cut it. :D
How adorable is this outfit? I love it!
3: Perfect for skirts.
Many many times when people asked me how to wear skirts in the winter, I responded with one simple word. Leggings. Perfect for warmth, layering and extra "coverage", leggings are perfect for wearing underneath skirts (and dresses too!)
Well, that's pretty much all I have today! What are your thoughts on leggings?




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  1. I totally agree with your view on leggings! I love your 'My Thoughts' posts.

  2. Totally agree!
    It can be tempting to compromise for "ease's sake," when really an extra 10min. Isn't that much. Love my leggings under otherwise too short skirts.
    A modest fashion blog:

  3. Hey, Ashley! I'm trying to get back to commenting now that I'm getting a little more time in my day to sit down, relax, and read posts. :)
    This was such a good post! I totally agree with you. My parents have never pushed that leggings are immodest but for me I feel that it would be immodest to wear leggings without a long shirt or with a skirt. I really want what I wear to draw attention to my countenance (yes, I am quoting the Duggar girls!) and I've never felt that wearing leggings/jeggings as pants was the way to do it.

  4. Thank you so much for saying that leggings are not pants! The modern trend of leggings = pants is definitely a peeve of are jeggings. ;)
    Personally, I often use leggings in the same way as tights. If I have a dress that is slightly shorter than I am comfortable wearing with bare skin or nylons, I'll wear leggings. However, more recently I have been convicted of even taking the latter use too far.
    Thanks for the thought-provoking post! :)

  5. I agree! Leggings are not pants! I wear them as long as my rear and part of my things are adequately covered. Great outfit ideas!

    1. Thighs! I meant to type thighs!

    2. Haha, it's alright Grace! Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts with me! It's always such a blessing to see other young gals living in a pure and Godly way! God bless each one of you! :)

  6. Great post! I have been tempted many times to wear leggings as pants, but for the most part I haven't. Plus, I actually think that wearing a tunic with a belt and leggings is cuter than just a shirt.

  7. I wear leggings and a shirt around the house because of comfort, but I do not wear them as pants outside of the house. I agree with the whole time thing as well- it doesn't take much longer to find a pair of jeans etc.

  8. Completely agree! Leggings are too sheer and too tight to be pants. Personally, I think young ladies look better wearing modest clothing rather than immodest clothing. : )

  9. Just a thought:
    If they were meant to be pants, why don't we call them skinny pants instead of leggings? :)


  10. Hey, Ashley, I know I commented before, but I just wanted to drop by and say, "Merry Christmas!" to you and your family.

  11. I totally agree. Great post!


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