Simple Sweater

11:25 AM

Hey y'all! Today I am popping by real quick to share a super simple outfit I am wearing this cold Saturday...

 Super simple favorite maxi with this warm sweater I bought from JCPenny a little while ago.

//outfit details//
Sweater: JCPenny
Skirt: Ross

Do you enjoy taking a break and going simple at times?

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  1. That sweater looks warm and cozy! Yes, I love simplicity!

  2. How cozy! I like winter clothing. At last I have an excuse to pull out all those cute sweaters!
    I like going simple too. You look cold in the pictures! (even with the cozy sweater!) I am not so much for layers, so I have trouble with wearing enough heavy clothing outside in the cold. LOL

    <3 Olivia

    Thoughts and Inspirations by Olivia (as well as modest fashion and hairstyling!)

  3. Simple? Oh yes! Usually if it's cold though, I revert to my jeans. It's bedn -10 to -30 where I live, so jeans have been frequenting my style lately. ;)
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  4. My cute doll you look sweet in your this white sweater! Much love, Liuba x


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