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Hey y'all! Now that we are quickly approaching both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I love to wear things that bring on the "holiday spirit". So, I thought I would share a few ideas I found online that might get you started on bringing out the festive attire in your wardrobe!

This outfit probably stood out the most to me. I love the color of the maxi skirt! So festive but classy at the same time. For those girls who like to be in the "holiday mood" without overdoing it, this is a great place to get started. The denim jacket also adds the best touch to compliment that adorable belt.

This is actually an outfit I made on Polyvore for my Holiday Series! This outfit is definitely an elegant look for a special occasion. These colors lean more towards Christmas, where as the previous outfit could be worn at a Thanksgiving party as well!

Also from my Holiday Series, this is a cute (pretty simple) outfit great for parties or events.

Unlike the last couple of outfits, this outfit is cute for casual errands or meetings. I would probably wear this to Friday Night Fellowship, maybe a Christmas production or someplace along those lines. The adorable wreath necklace really adds to the Christmas look! (Plus, you can never go wrong with plaid...)


This outfit (also from my Holiday Series) is hands down my favorite! I cannot tell you how much I adore that cape! Definitely adding that to my Christmas wish list. ;) Those ankle boots are also something I have to add to my wardrobe...I could totally see myself wearing this to the mall, music lessons or a Christmas event at church. Even though it is a denim skirt, the boots and shawl add a somewhat sophisticated look.
So, which outfit is your favorite? Do you like to go full out when the holiday season arrives?
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  1. Lovely outfits! I especially like the first!

  2. Great ideas Ashley! The first three are probably my favorites!

  3. Cute! I like the plaid skirt & outfit the best. I like all of them, though. Do you have any of these clothes, Ashley, or do you just find the pictures elsewhere?

    <3 Olivia
    Thoughts and Inspirations by Olivia (Modest fashion and hairstyling)

    1. Nope! None of these are my clothes, actually. With the exception of the first one, I made these outfits on Polyvore, a site where you can create outfits. :)

  4. Cute! I love them all! The first one is by far my favorite though. My mom likes the second to last one best!

  5. Hey, I don't know if you participate in tags any more, but I nominated you for the Grateful Blogger Tag. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Cute! The second one is probably my favorite. It's very nice and sophisticated looking. :)


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