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Hey y'all! So, a little while ago I sent out a survey for my lovely readers to fill out. I have received several questions, and I thought I would answer them publically.

1. What do you think about jewelry?
I think jewelry is fine, and I actually love it! Jewelry is a fun way to add a twist to an outfit or incorporate your own style or personality more. I think the only thing to keep in mind when wearing jewelry is how big it is. I try to keep everything in moderation and decency, including jewelry. Many jewelry pieces are so big they end of landing right on the chest, which attracts eyes to the wrong places, so that is something I like to keep in mind when I am shopping for necklaces.
2. How do you walk gracefully in some of these outfits (like maxis)?
This is a really interesting question, and thank you so to the gal who asked! Longer skirts can be a hassle to walk in, especially if you're not used to it. My #1 tip is take smaller steps. One of the reasons I like wearing feminine clothing like dresses, maxis and other skirts is because they actually help us be more ladylike. Taking big steps in a maxi can be very hard to do, and it ends up in a "not-so-graceful" fall. Another tip is hold the skirt up a tad when you walk. If you are walking up the stairs or running a little, life the skirt up *just a tad* to give your feet more room to walk and take steps in. And my last thing to say is, this takes practice! Just like walking in heels, wearing a maxi comfortably may take some time, so I suggest practicing in your home first, then step outside. Have fun!
3. Where do you buy good quality, pretty (not-so-western) boots?
Boots are definitely an essential in any wardrobe, but finding the perfect pair can be really hard. I own several pairs of boots. One for inside the house, and a couple for walking around town in. For inside the house, I have a pair of extremely cozy fur boots I bought form Icing last year. They don't sell them anymore, but here is a place you can buy some very similar! For "outside the house" I have a brown pair and a black pair. My black pair is like this and my brown pair similar to these. Hope this helps!
4. Do you ever go Western?
Rarely, if ever. It's not that I don't like Western style, I just don't own enough clothing to make a full western outfit. One thing I really need to get is a pair of cowgirl boots!
5. Could you give tutorials and singing updates?
I would love to do tutorials, I just don't know exactly for what. If any of you have any suggestions, let me know! As for singing updates...sure! My sister and I (as some of you know) have one more song to finish up our second album! The Lord has really made this an exciting experience and we were so blessed to be able to go through it together. We are hoping to have the album released sometime in November (Lord willing). This season is going to be pretty busy for us. We will be performing in numerous Christmas concerts and other gigs on the side. Since I don't post too much about my singing on here, you can stay tuned on our Cayla and Ashley Blog.
6. How do you wear pants modestly?
I have gotten this question numerous times and would love to help y'all out with it! I wear pants, I try not wear them too often (I like skirts way better), but I own quite a few pear of jeans and stuff. I wear pants with tunics. For those of you who aren't quite sure what  a tunic is, it is a long (at times loose and flowey) top. For my own standards, both sides of my lower torso must be completely covered with extra! I say "with extra" because I normally wear pants when I am going to be more active. So I want to make sure that even if I do bend down, jump around or run, nothing will be on "display". I did a post showing tunic here!
7. Modest Swimsuits?
Modest swimsuits is something I am trying to figure out myself as well. I have really been thinking about what I would feel comfortable in swimming and staying at the beach in. I have several ideas that I would like to share. Iris, from Feminine Modesty shared her bathing suite, and I quite liked it. Also Cover Up For Christ has some nice swimsuits you could check out! Olivia from Fresh Modesty shared a pretty cute swimsuit as well! If your standards don't required that much coverage you could try something like this or this!
8. Could you do a room/closet tour?
This is not the first time I am asked to do a room or closet tour...I am hoping to do a closet tour soon. My closet probably isn't much different from any of yours, but I probably could throw in a couple of organization tips!
9. Favorite type of clothes?
I wasn't exactly sure what you meant by this....did you mean style or actual clothing articles? (If I get this wrong, feel free to correct me), but I thought I would touch a little bit on both. To tell you the truth, I don't think I have an actual style. I like to dress with class, but in taste! Like I've said, I'm super girly so I run towards lace, pink, ruffles and feminine stuff. As for actual clothing articles, my favorites are skirts. I love denim skirts and maxi's the best, but almost anything will do!
Well, I think that's it! I hope I didn't miss anything....if another question just popped in your head, feel free to ask! I will get back to you in the comments! :)
God Bless,

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  1. Ashley, I would prefer more videos on your blog. I love your voice and you are explaining and showing everything so nicely. And of course have enjoyed a lot reading your answers :) much loveeeeee and care!!!

  2. I love wearing Western style clothes. I am looking forward to showing Western Pleasure with my horse next summer so I can put on my dark was jeans and extremely cute button down shirt!


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